Oh, FYI, Jolin Tsai is Single Now. #JustSaying

Okay, this is a pretty old news, but to 90s kids who grew up fantasising to be Jolin Tsai’s boyfriend listening to Jolin Tsai’s songs, it’s one heck of a big news.

Jolin Tsai, known to us as the diva 蔡依林, is single.

Just a few months back, Taiwanese pop diva Jolin Tsai revealed a news that made guys all over the world teared: She shared an image of herself and her boyfriend, model Vivian Dawson, on Weibo.

Image: stomp.com.sg

They have been dating for six years. Apparently, Vivian has a Singaporean mother and a New Zealander father. There were rumours of him having an active Tinder profile and even cheating allegations (what, to diva Jolin Tsai!?), but people have praised them as a loving couple.

Not that height is an issue, though.

Image: koalasplayground.com

They met while in a music video in 2010, and with the revelation just recently, people have expected wedding bells to ring soon.

But no; instead, they’ve spilt.

According to The Straits Times, Jolin’s manager has confirmed the news to Apple Daily, and they’ve apparently broken up least month amicably.


Rumours have it that it could have been due to differing views upon marriage; Vivian had wanted, in an initial interview, their assets (i.e. money) to be shared among each other after marriage. However, his agent later clarified that that wasn’t what he meant, and that he believed in having their own assets even after marriage.

It’s, well, easy to guess who is richer among the two.

Then again, there’s yet another rumour: it could be that Jolin has refused to marry. However, that rumour was also dismissed by her friends.

So, what could have led to this break-up?

Well, to a 90s kid, here’s what most of us would think: Doesn’t matter. At least now, Jolin Tsai is single, so our dreams have not been shattered—yet.

Featured Image: stomp.com.sg


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