Remember This 50-Year-Old Chio Bu? Here’s How She Looks Like When She’s Younger

Previously, one of my male colleague in the office wrote about this 50-year-old lady who looks like she’s in her twenties.

And by that, I mean the chio bu kind.

I bet some, if not all, of you would’ve been curious to know what she looks like when she’s younger.

Was it really au naturel like she claims? Maybe she’s like the Snake Spirit boy who went for plastic surgery but refused to admit it.


So when I came across news of her releasing her old photos online for her fans, I knew I had to share it with you.

That’s her when she was 15 years old. 


And this is her when she’s 30 years old.

I’m not sure if it’s the picture quality but she definitely looks better now, doesn’t she?

She’s 50 but there’s not even a wrinkle on her body.

“If you think you look rough, that’s because you haven’t sweated enough.”


I’m not sure about you but when I saw this, I found hope again.

It’s not too late for you or me. If you are willing to work out, you’ll be as chio or handsum at 50 years old. 

Of course, just know that her version of working out is a two-hour workout routine daily. And to swim 12-km within 4 hours.

No sweat.

Here are some photos of her to motivate you guys (and gals) into hitting the gym.

Now, where’s my running shoes…?

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