Some M’sians Gong Gong Go Cut the Heat Pack in 懒人麻辣火锅 & Made the Funniest Video Ever

The 懒人麻辣火锅 has taken both Singapore and Malaysia by storm, and as someone who has tried it, I can vouch that it’s definitely not the taste, but the way it is cooked that has made it so popular.

Here’s how you cook it: you put a heat pack, pour some water and a bowl of ingredients on top. Without any fire, you’ll have a piping hot 麻辣火锅 in fifteen minutes.

That’s why it’s called 懒人麻辣火锅, which is translated to “Mala Hot Pot for Lazy People”.

Even without having to read the instructions (which by the way is in Chinese), I know how it works. And lest there’s any foreigners reading this, here’s a disclaimer: Yes, I’ve done my 2-year NS as a soldier, but we don’t use this when we’re out in the jungle.

Then in comes this video, which has got over 1.5 million views and over 14K shares.

Take a look first.

And here’s what happened after that.

If it’s not clear enough, here’s a concise description: a lady told her friends that they’re supposed to cut the heat pack and then pour water on the powder, almost like the seasoning from our Maggi Mee.

The powdered water “exploded” and overflowed, got into the food and…erm, vomited out from the hole that’s supposed to let steam escape.

You’re not laughing yet? Okay, I’ll translate what they say. Trust me, it’ll be way more funny if you hear how smart-alec (and very cute, in fact) the lady is, and how gong (and also very cute) the guy is.

Just for your info, there are a few guys there and there seems to be just one girl, so let’s just presume that “Guy” refers to any guy who’s talking.

Guy: Don’t need to cut, right? Are you sure we need to cut it?

Girl: Pour all the powder in!

Guy: Are you sure we need to cut it?

Guy: Are you capturing this?

Guy: What kind of powder is this?

Girl: Cement powder

Guy: Sure?

Girl: Ya

Guy: Take a picture first

Girl: How much water should we pour? Until the end. Close it now! Close it! It’s hot now!

Guy: We haven’t placed this (oil)!

Girl: We’re supposed to put this in the end! Close!

Guy: Are you sure? I think we didn’t put in enough water

<Everyone checking whether it’s hot>

Guy: I think we shouldn’t open the heat pack.

Girl: You’re supposed to open it. I know how to read, okay.

Guy: I saw people in the army –

<everyone keeps on cutting his sentence>

A shot of the presumably cute girl.

Girl: It’s hot, it’s hot, it’s boiling!


Guy: Hey, your computer! Why are you all here?!

I think that girl usually cooks her Maggi Mee with the packaging still on, because she 会看字的 (knows how to read).

Either that, or we’ve found the best troll in Singapore and Malaysia, and some say Batam.

By the way, I can’t help but to create this .gif for us to enjoy again.

Anyway, if you want to know how the heat pack works, we’ve an article for you.

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