A Study Shows That if You Share Passwords with Your Bae, It’s True Love

Forget roses or promise rings.

It’s a new digital era, and sharing password is the new wedding vow. Like, seriously.

Sharing of Passwords

According to a new Pew Research study, it is reported that 67 percent of committed couples have shared a password with a partner or spouse.


Commissioned by Samsung to announce the launch of its Galaxy A-series range, a study was carried out by One Poll, surveying 2,000 British adults. Apparently, 56 percent believed that sharing a mobile PIN, email password or social media login details is the best way to commit to someone.

Furthermore, more than a third of people admitted they have already been given to their partner’s accounts.

Symbol of Trust

Sharing password is similar to the trust between two people. When there is trust, the phone password, at a certain point, almost always becomes a fair game in a trusting relationship. Dating and married couples use each other’s phones — it just happens.

However, sharing passwords cannot be the sole reason to establish trust. Sometimes, it doesn’t mean that your partner has to bare open his password to demonstrate his trust in you. It comes naturally only after trust exists, not the other way round.

Hence, be honoured when your partner is willing to share his/her password! It really proves that the trust between the both of you has been established.

Now, you know what to get your partner for your anniversary! It’s quick, cheap and it includes at least one numeral and one capital letter. Your partner will then have both passwords to your phone and your heart. Aww.

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