There’s an LRT Station That Hasn’t Open for More Than 10 Years

For those who stay in the north-east, like me, you would feel that Punggol is one of the underrated towns in Singapore.

It has a mall (Waterway Point) that could challenge Nex, Punggol Safra and amazing food enclaves such as The Punggol Settlement and the cargo container food park.

So, if you have taken the LRT to get to these places, you would have noticed that the train would stop at Teck Lee LRT Station but the doors will never open.

Why is that so?

Teck Lee LRT Station

Image: Flickr / [email protected]

Teck Lee LRT Station is on the west loop of the Punggol LRT line and it is the only LRT station currently not open for service.

It was built in 2002 and it has never been opened

Fun fact: The station’s moniker is derived from an influential businessman in Punggol, back in the day—Lim Teck Lee

Why is it closed ?

I don’t think Teck Lee would be very pleased to know that the station is closed.
I always get goosebumps when the train stops at the station albeit short.

To me, it feels like ages, before the train departs from the station.

The station is surrounded by lush greenery, but don’t think it’s like the new Admiralty Park.


The place is dilapidated and the station is enclosed with a fence.


Clearly, they don’t want any Tom, Dick or Harry trespassing the station or maybe they don’t want something leaving the station…

Woodleigh MRT Station

Since we are on the topic of stations that are not operational and creepy af, did you know Woodleigh MRT Station sits on a plot of land that used to be a cemetery?


Built on the former Bidari Cemetry in 2003, the station was only opened to the public in 2011. It was rumoured that the station was haunted by a white figure but hey, the real reason was that the area wasn’t fully developed and it wasn’t practical to operate it back then.

I choose to believe in the former, keeps things exciting. Haha.

That could be the reason why Teck Lee LRT Station is not up and running since the vicinity looks like as if time stood still.

But it will definitely be creepy af if you spot someone waiting on the platform at night.

Sorry for planting that ghastly thought.

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