An Air-con Trick That Cuts Your Bill & Still Makes You Room Feel Like an Igloo

How many times have we complained about the hot and humid weather in Singapore? Countless times.

Although air-conditioning is perhaps the greatest invention ever known to first-world civilisation (or at least to a hot country like Singapore), some of us might hesitate about setting the air-con on full blast because of the sky-high electricity bills.

However, fear not, as we have a way to combat both the heat and humidity in a pocket-friendly way.

If you look at your air-con remote control, you might see a water droplet or a snowflake. This is also known as the “dry” function, which lowers the temperature by dehumidifying the room. This is what we call killing two birds with one stone, or in this case, three.

One, it makes the temperature go down which is exactly what we are looking to do.

Two, the humidity (which is all too high in Singapore) also decreases at the same time, making you feel less sticky and sweaty by the minute. Less sticky and sweating means you’ll feel cooler and much more comfortable.

Three, you don’t even have to set the temperature to a power/money-sucking 18 degrees in order to feel like it’s winter in your room. This air-con mode uses up a lot less energy so the compressor inside runs more slowly.

Therefore, your energy usage goes down and so does your electricity bill. Save a lot of money every month with this hack, while maintaining your cool (literally)!

Unlike the “cool” function, dry mode doesn’t get the air-conditioner to blow out cold air, but “suck” the hot air into the air-conditioner instead. Think of it this way: instead of keeping the room cold with cold air, it removes the hot air (caused by the merciless sun).

Now, before we get any rotten eggs thrown at us, here’s a disclaimer: it doesn’t work all the time. If it’s really hot outside, or you’ve in a room with a big window, the air-conditioner might not be fast enough to remove all the hot air.

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This article was first published on in 2016 and revised on 30 June 2017.

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