This Chio M’sia Teacher is so Popular, She Created a New Facebook Page for Her Fans

Early this year, Ms Debra Victor, a teacher in Malaysia, got viral because of this simple image.

And just for your info, she is a real teacher, with even the black nametag that every Malaysia teacher has.

There’re many beautiful teachers in the world, but she gained popularity with her Facebook profile that comprises pictures which could make any male teenager hope that she’s his teacher.




Instead, she could easily pass off as an Instagrammer.

And because she’s just so popular, she has set up a Facebook Page, just so that her followers can follow her there due to a limit in accepting the number of Facebook friends request in a Facebook Profile.

But of course, no one can validate whether this is true or not.

However, this could be true: recently, it was reported in World of Buzz that digitally-altered obscene images of her were circulated on the Internet, leading her to make a police report.


Well, if people had gone to the extremes of doing that, it won’t be surprised that the Facebook Page is fake as well. Nevertheless, here’s a reminder: in 2016, numerous beautiful people as frontline staff have been spotted by the Internet and become an Internet sensation overnight.

And it just took a few days for Ms Debra Victor to be spotted. Happy 2017, everyone.

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All Images & Featured Image: Facebook (Debra Victor)

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