Too big for normal wedding dresses? Here’s 5 essential tips to finding the perfect plus-size wedding dress

Finding the perfect plus size wedding dress for a full-figured woman can be somewhat of a challenge at times.

You’ll want to find a plus size wedding dress that flatters your figure, and also to represent the true love that you have, for the man you are marrying.

To help you brides find that perfect plus size wedding dress, here are some helpful tips that you can use, so that you will absolutely shine on your wedding day.

Where to Shop For Plus Size Wedding Dress?

Your first step is to start looking at the larger retail bridal chains such as Ted Wu, Elas Dress and Digio Bridal. There’s a much better chance that you can find a wedding dress there that you can physically try on, in order to find the type of dress that fits your body shape the best.

There are also other specialized stores offering made-to-measure wedding dresses in Singapore, that cater to plus-size brides. Such stores include Bridal Place Singapore, A Love Affair and Love Potion. You could contact these bridal vendors and find out more details about how they could help you.

Don’t Get Discouraged Girl!

When you start trying on wedding dresses and don’t find one that looks just right, don’t despair. Brides of all sizes run into the same situation when they are test fitting bridal gowns.

Almost every bride-to-be has the “That’s not the best wedding dress for me” syndrome while staring themselves in the mirror at bridal boutiques.

When you are shopping for that perfect wedding dress, it’s normal if you’re a lot more critical about your appearance and the fit of the gown. After all, it’s your big day so this is natural and to be totally expected.

Get it Altered

Never settle for second best when it comes to your wedding dress.

The little nips and tucks that will be performed on the dress will make all the difference in the world. You’ll want your wedding gown to not only fit you properly, but it should also be one to fit your personality as well.

Keep in mind that when you find a wedding dress that you absolutely love, it will look a lot better once all of the adjustments are made to fit you.

Understand Your Body Shape

Every woman is built differently and what appears beautiful on one bride may not look as great on another.

If you have a curvy type of figure, you may look best in a dress with an A-line sort of shape to it. If you are a bustier woman, a v-neckline can add an amazing contrast to the upper part of your body.

For plus-sized brides, try to avoid wedding dresses with a ball gown skirt since they can make you appear rounder. Tea-length gowns are also not recommended since they make you appear shorter than you really are.

What’s important is to create an optical illusion with the right shapes and designs with the perfect wedding dress.

Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin

When you walk into a bridal boutique, be confident about yourself and your body. If you’re feeling stressed while looking for the right wedding dress, it will show rather obvious when you’re trying it on.

Look, it’s your greatest moment and you know that you are an amazing bride! When you look through those wedding dresses, find the right one that brings out both your external and internal beauty to the max!

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