The Ultimate Guide on What CNY Food You Can Bring in From M’sia

Chinese New Year offers make food and snacks super cheap and affordable, but we all know it’s going to be even cheaper in Malaysia. Before you run across the causeway immediately (or most probably drive) for the sick deals, did you know that not everything can be brought over from our neighbour?

I’m not just talking about chewing gum. Here’s a list of what CNY must-eats you can (and cannot) bring into Singapore.

Things You Can Bring


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You are allowed to bring most snacks in from Malaysia (phew). According to the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) and the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA), you are allowed to bring in a maximum of 5 kg or 5 litres of processed food, with a total value not exceeding $100 per person.

Processed food here includes snacks like pineapple tarts, nian gao, love letters, and basically every kind of traditional CNY biscuits like peanut cookies and kueh bangkit. Just take note of the weight limit, and try not to look like you’re trying to illegally import goods.

Yu Sheng

Did you know you can totally bring in Yu Sheng from Malaysia? Yu Sheng is basically a salad with raw fish, and all of them are allowed. However, there is also a weight limit here, for vegetables and seafood. You are only allowed to bring in a small amount of vegetables, so you can’t bring in a lot of plates. Actually, you probably don’t need a lot of plates to begin with, so this should not be a problem.

Mandarin Oranges

Oranges fall under fruits and vegetables, and you are only allowed to bring in a small amount for personal consumption, like Yu Sheng.

Things You Cannot Bring

Bak Kwa

Unfortunately, the star of CNY celebrations everywhere, the ubiquitous Bak Kwa that you’ll always see on tables, are not allowed. Bak Kwa is made of pork, and pork related products are not allowed to enter Singapore from Malaysia. This, however, is not a good excuse to eat the 5kg pack you just bought in Malaysia in one shot before you drive back.

Other foods to take note of


Apart from the standard CNY snacks and food you might want to bring back, ICA and AVA has also provided a table of all the food products you are allowed to bring from other countries. If your desired food was not mentioned above, you can check out the table below. More details can also be found on the ICA website, or the AVA website and mobile app – Sg Travelkaki.

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