Ultimate Guide to the Best Selfie Cameras of 2017 For Those Flawless and Enviable Photos

We’re all chasing after that perfect selfie whenever we head out – after all, did it really happen if a picture wasn’t taken? However, sometimes our images might come out a little blurry or just downright unusable due to an outdated camera. Capture picture perfect moments with the latest and greatest selfie cameras available on the market right now. Join ShopBack and Lazada as we give you the lowdown on what’s hot for selfie cameras, for both smartphones and point-and-shoot cameras.

Best Smartphone Cameras for Selfies


HTC U11 Originally S$880.00 | S$858.00 after cashback

The HTC U11 is an underrated gem of a smartphone, running the latest in both hardware and software – but what’s most impressive is its truly amazing front camera. With a huge 16-megapixel count, as well as a user interface design that makes taking pictures a breeze, the HTC U11 allows you to take selfies easily with its well-positioned buttons. What’s more, you can simply squeeze the sides of the phone to launch the camera, eliminating the need to fumble around to access the camera.


LG G6 Originally S$658.00 | S$641.55 after cashback

While the HTC U11 might be great for functionality and speed, the LG G6 makes up for that with its crystal-clear picture quality and camera technology. The LG G6’s camera is able to take in more light than most front-facing cameras available in the market, which makes taking selfies in low light conditions – like dimly lit restaurants and clubs – a simple feat. Moreover, the phone’s 16:9 resolution allows you to change the camera’s settings without getting in the way of the picture itself!


OPPO R11 Originally S$699.00 | S$681.53 after cashback

Last but certainly not least, is the Oppo R11. For a company that prides and promotes their phones on their selfie-taking capabilities, the Oppo R11 does not disappoint. Instead, it goes above and beyond. With a front-facing camera that clocks in at 20-megapixels, this phone is not messing around. The OPPO R11 has the horsepower to snap pictures that rival those of professional DSLRs. Moreover, for those who are into filters, the R11’s camera application also features a built-in beauty filter that whitens and smoothens your skin.

Best Compact and DSLR Cameras for Selfies

Olympus E-PL8

Olympus E-PL8 Originally S$1,059.00 | S$1,032.53 after cashback

If you’re a little more of a purist and prefer to use a traditional point-and-shoot camera, the Olympus E-PL8 might be a good option for you. Made for general photography, the E-PL8 has a 3-inch tilting touch screen and a 16.1-megapixel camera to let you capture every detail of your life in its full glory. The camera itself is crafted in a vintage design, to fit seamlessly with the style-conscious user. The camera’s software also comes with many in-built art filters and skin treatment modes for edits without the use of an additional app.

Nikon D5600 DSLR

Nikon D5600 Originally S$922.88 | S$899.81 after cashback

For semi-professionals who also want the ability to take great selfies, the entry-level Nikon D5600 DSLR is a great choice due to its strong image processing capabilities and handy outer body. With a sensor that clocks in at 24-megapixels, as well as a fully rotatable touchscreen LCD panel and 5fps continuous shooting mode, the D5600 makes taking multiple selfies easy.

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All images are taken from Lazada, unless otherwise stated.

All prices accurate as of 1 September 2017.

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Featured Image: aslysun / Shutterstock.com

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