The Ultimate Guide To Touring Taiwan For All Wanderlusters

Traversing Taiwan used to be quite the hassle, but thank goodness we have the Taiwan High-Speed Rail (THSR) now. The THSR runs at 300km/h at its fastest speed, and has the ability to get you from Taipei to Kaohsiung in under two hours! Tour Taiwan in style and recuperate for the night at the many hotels that has to offer.


First stop is the popular and bustling shopping district of Ximending, located just one metro stop away from the Taiwan High-Speed Rail station. Ximending has become an insanely popular spot to see and be seen by the chic trendsetters of the city. From trendy restaurants to the latest in fashion, this crowded hotspot combines all Taipei has to offer into one exciting experience.

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For all you foodies out there, get ready for Nanya Night Market! Unlike the overrated Shilin Night Market, Nanya hasn’t quite been overrun by foreigners just yet and retains a truly local ambience. Banqiao offers everything from clothing to games, but the main attraction is undoubtedly the food. Traditional beef noodles? Pork belly buns? Oyster Omelette? They’ve got it all, and at a lower price point than the commercialised night markets too!

Nanya Night Market
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Tranquil and serene – if not a little sombre – the Cihu Mausoleum serves as the temporary resting place of late President Chiang Kai-shek. The place provides more information about one of the most important men in Taiwan’s history and is always a gorgeous place to photograph. Definitely, a place to visit for all history buffs.

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If shopping is your life, Big City has every big brand you can think of; from Gap and H&M to popular Japanese and Thai restaurants. More than just shopping, however, Big City also has everything you want to satisfy all your entertainment needs. It features a large luxury bowling alley, a huge arcade, a popular cinema and a baseball batting cage. What else would you need?

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Up for some adventure? Head down to Shei-Pa National Park found in Miaoli Country for challenging yet satisfying hiking and rock climbing. Featuring Dabajian Mountain, which reaches up to 3,492 meters at its peak, is famous for its beautiful greenery for photo enthusiasts and rugged terrain for the daring, Shei-Pa National Park is a great spot for anyone who is seeking new thrills.

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Fort Provintia, also known as the Chihkan Tower, was constructed by the Dutch all the way back in 1653 when Taiwan was still a colony. This attraction has been described as a great landmark to visit for history buffs, and also a romantic spot for couples to watch the sunset. If you plan to stay after dark, be sure to stay for traditional bands that usually play near the gardens!

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