Wedding Ang Bao Rates in 2018 Updated With Almost All S’pore Hotels

Wedding ang baos are a form of blessing that we give unto newlyweds.

However, more often than not, your ang bao can also help to cover the cost of the wedding banquet, making it an important part of wedding etiquette to give an “appropriate” amount.

Deciding the “appropriate” amount to give can be a tricky affair and can depend on several factors, such as where and when the wedding is held and also cultural traditions.

Whether you are attending weddings this year or planning your own, you will find our list of updated wedding ang bao rates for 2018 useful.

wedding ang bao rates

 How to calculate Wedding Ang Bao rates?

All prices shown on the table below (not inclusive of GST and service charge) are for the price of a table for 10 pax and updated for 2018.

This rate serves as an indication of the recommended minimum amount that you can give to the happy couple.

There is also a rating system that’ll give you an idea of how much the ang bao will cost you!

To calculate how much each person can give in an Ang Bao, take the cost of one table and divide it by 10, since each table usually seats 10 people.

$ – Least Expensive (< $120)

$$ – More Expensive ($121 – $160)

$$$ – Most Expensive (> $161)


1. This article only covers rates for weddings held in hotels and well-known restaurants and country clubs.

2. The prices shown here are the cheapest wedding packages offered by each hotel. Prices are subject to change and can vary depending on the type of package, wedding venue, time of booking or date of wedding.

3. Please conduct your own additional research before deciding how much to pack in your ang baos. ShopBack will not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused due to reliance on this article.

4. Prices are not inclusive of GST or service charge

5. Feel free to contact us at [email protected] if you have more updated information and rates.

Most lavish and expensive wedding venues in Singapore

Beautiful wedding venue covered in blooming flowers
Image credit: valor kopeny | Unsplash

As you have seen in the list, Singapore offers various options of venues to fit all tastes and wallets. If you are looking for the only for the best of the best, these are the wedding venues among the most expensive: (Note: rates mentioned are based on the Saturday night dinner rates at the date of writing)

  • W Singapore: $214++/pax
  • Grand Hyatt Singapore: $216++/pax
  • The Ritz Carlton, Millenia: $221++/pax
  • Resorts World Sentosa, S.E.A Aquarium: $222++/pax
  • Le Méridien Singapore, Sentosa: $222++/pax
  • JW Mariott Hotel Singapore, South Beach: $222++/pax
  • Capella Singapore: $222++/pax
  • Andaz: $232++/pax
  • The Clifford Pier @ The Fullerton Bay Hotel: $292++/pax

Different cultures, different wedding traditions

happy couple posing after wedding ceremony
Image credit: henri meilhac on Unsplash

However, if you are attending a wedding in Singapore in 2018, just knowing how much to give isn’t enough. Here are some rules and customs for different cultures that you need to take note of when deciding how much to put into your ang bao!

Chinese Wedding Traditions

  • Monetary gifts are generally given for Chinese weddings in red packets or Ang Baos.
  • Physical gifts are uncommon, though not prohibited.
  • Avoid giving odd numbered amounts, and amounts beginning and ending with a ‘4’ since its Chinese translation sounds like ‘death’. Giving amounts ending with ‘8’ is the best, as it is an auspicious number in Chinese culture!

Indian Wedding Traditions

  • Monetary envelopes are also the ideal gift for Indian weddings. However, for Indian weddings, it would be best to give amounts ending with ‘1’.

Malay Wedding Traditions

  • Monetary gifts are also presented during Malay weddings.
  • Monetary gifts do not have to be put in a green packet. Any envelope will do.
  • The typical amount given at a Malay traditional wedding can start from $10, but the amount varies based on the venue and set-up of the wedding, as well as how close you are to the couple getting married.

We Answer Your Wedding Ang Bao Questions

Happy married couple entreing reception venue
Image credit: Alvin Mahmudov | Unsplash

What to do if you are invited to a wedding but can’t attend. Do you still need to give ang bao?

If you are invited to a wedding but can’t attend, make sure you RSVP to the couple as soon as possible.

This way they can adjust their venue booking and not count you for the seating arrangements.

Most couples won’t expect a gift from non-attendees, but if you wish, you can send them a card expressing your good wishes for their future married life, a gift or an ang bao.

If you decide to offer an ang bao, there is no obligation to give the full amount based on the rate of the venue. A smaller amount will be more than sufficient.

How much should you give if you are invited to a destination wedding?

Destination weddings are becoming more popular but they are usually a smaller affair. Couples tend to invite only the closest family and friends to the celebration.

Since a destination wedding involves some kind of travel, the wedding ang bao rate should also reflect that.

If the couple is sponsoring your flight and accommodation for the wedding celebrations, you have a reason to be more generous with the rate offered. If not, then the regular rates apply.

Disclaimer: Giving an ang bao is by no means an obligation. A the end of the day, what matters is celebrating such a special date together and communicate your best wishes to the happy couple.

Always keep in mind that is ok to give whatever amount is within your means.

Celebrating a union with or without ang bao

Of course, being a wedding guest isn’t just about the money. A wedding is an occasion to share your joy with friends and family.

Hopefully, this list of wedding ang bao rates in 2018 will help if you’d like to bless the couple with more at their wedding.

But with more Singaporeans opting to tie the knot at more unconventional wedding venues, remember to do your research so you won’t end up putting too much in your ang bao!

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