Weirdest Road Rage: Auntie Shows Bra Coz’ Someone Was Filming

This has, truly, taken road rage to a whole new level.

First reported in Malaysia Chinese newspaper 星洲日报, it started off very innocently: two cars were moving towards each other in an alley road. This is a problem that occurs quite often in Singapore as well, especially when some jokers decided to illegal park at a narrow single-lane road.

The SOP is simple: one gives way by reversing into a space for the other car to pass. Sometimes, cars will high-beam each other for a while before one gets tired and simply give way.

But this incident in Malaysia lasted for two hours. Like, really.

So, here’s what happened: the Nissin Almera and a Perodua Myvi became the latest victims in this first world problem. The Myvi was just metres away from a space, so the Almera expected the Myvi to give away.


But of course, the Myvi stayed put.

The Myvi driver, an Auntie, expected the Almera to give way (by, you know, reversing all the way back until there’s a space for it to slot in), claiming that she “came first”.

The Almera driver refused to give in, leading to a war of words and most importantly, a wait for two hours with even the police involved.

But I know you’re not here for this, right?


During the argument, the Almera driver was filming the process. And the Auntie suddenly snapped when she just showed her black bra…for reasons only known to her (although we’re quite certain she was going with the line of “Want film? Take this!”)

Oh, to save you the time, it’s 0:15.

And by the way, this is going to make it to Taiwan news soon, too.


The comment by 岳暐張 also quite 正.

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Featured Image: YouTube (necky carter)


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