Woman Installs Punch Card Machine at Home to Ensure Husband Returns Home in Time

You’ve heard of stories about controlling woman, or maybe even met them yourselves, but after hearing about what this woman did, you might find your woman more bearable.

Cue whip sound. 

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Wife Installs Punch Card Machine at Home

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What will you do if you have a hubby who’s forever at the office trying to complete his work?

So much so he’s not even home most of the time. 

Be glad that he’s earning money for their future? Nope, that’s not what this woman thought. 

And she decided to do something about it.

But not by throwing tantrums or complaining to her in-laws. That’s for weaklings.

Okay, maybe she tried that but it didn’t work.

What she decided to do is to buy a punch card machine and put it at home. Then she set down the ground rules.

Because female power, right?

Be Home by 9 Or You Won’t Like the Consequences

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If the husband does not get home by 9 pm, he’ll be fined 100RMB (about SGD$20).

That’s right, now he knows that time is money. But of course, if there’s a stick, there must be a carrot.

If he gets home before 9 pm and eats dinner with her, he won’t have to do the dishes.

No fine, have dinner with his ahem-awesome wife and laze around after that? Why the hell not!

The wife thought that if a punch card machine can manage her husband’s working hours, it’s only fair that this will also regulate his non-working hours.

She also claimed that after implementing her (extreme) solution, the situation has shown a drastic improvement. 

Of course, as with anything that goes viral on the net, netizens must come out and make a stand.

Some felt that this is too much and she’s going overboard with her controlling actions while others were wondering if they should do this at home too.

One thing for sure, this might not be possible in Singapore because both the wife and husband are probably working OT. #JustSaying

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