Would You have Stomach-ache After Having Stale Biscuits? Here Are The Facts

Imagine this – you wake up at 2am to go and drink water, and then when you pass the kitchen, you see that opened pack of Chipsmore on the counter.

Your brother forgot to put it in a Tupperware and keep it nice and fresh.

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He’s SO gonna get it in the morning. Then you go and check the cookies. It’s soft, but you take a bite. It still tastes ok what… So, are you gonna throw it all away or should you just keep it in a container to eat tomorrow?

And you silently wonder – Damn, are you going to have to run to the toilet the whole morning, simply because took a bite from the stale biscuit? OR worse, get food poisoning?

No one wants to go through a bad stomach because of eating stale biscuits, or stale anything for that matter. But can eat the biscuit or not in the first place? Wasting food la otherwise.

Don’t worry. We did all the research for you already. Here’s what you must know ok?

Firstly, the fats that are in cookies and biscuits (and even chips!) start oxidising the moment you open its packaging. This is why it texture starts to soften and it really doesn’t have that crunch anymore. As for the taste, it somehow never tastes the same too.

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Throw the bag away the moment it hits its expiration date. If you’ve already opened the pack, check and see if there’s any mention on a consume within a certain number of days after opening. If there isn’t, eat it within a month of opening (provided it doesn’t pass the expiry date, otherwise stick to the expiration date instead).

The only thing which will truly cause you stomach-ache is if you’re eating a pack without noticing if there’s mould on it.

Always pay attention to how your biscuit looks – we all know it’s not gonna look as good as the ad on the package, but if it’s got some spots, smells funny or is just mossy, dump it.

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Your stomach is, after all, worth way more than a pack of biscuits that cost you a few dollars.

Always remember that if you want to keep your biscuits fresh, use a container that is rock solid and doesn’t let any air in. Keep it in its original packaging, but stuff it inside an airtight container. It’s also good to check that the container is completely dry and not one you just grabbed right after washing.

The extra droplets which might be in a freshly washed container is, of course, extra moisture that will inhibit the container from keeping your biscuits completely fresh and crisp.

So there you go – stale biscuits WON’T cause you stomach ache. If it’s already stale, finish it up faster la. Then you can go buy another pack of fresh cookies and chomp on it all the way. And don’t forget the containers.

They are essential in keeping every cookie (and crumb fresh!).

But of course, while it’s okay to have stale biscuits, do remember that if it’s stale, it could be mouldy as well. So you might as well buy a new package. After all, we’ve got Amazon Prime Now in Singapore, eh? You won’t even need to step out of your house to get a new one.

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