Your Smartphone Camera Could be Hacked So Others Can See You 24/7. Here’s What You Should Do

If there’s one thing everyone’s terrified of, it’s the thought that your phone can be used against you. Well, especially after seeing Fast 7 and God’s Eye.

Imagine if it were real leh. ANYONE, and we mean, anyone, can have their camera used to see whatever is around them. Or to see them.

I dunno about you ah, but I don’t want people to see my sleeping. I snore like a cow you know.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep your phone secure from hackers. These are a couple of steps you can apply.


Always Keep Your Phone’s Software Updated
We’re talking about the latest version. Yes, it’s annoying when it takes a couple of minutes to load and install, but it’s worth your time.

Don’t Jailbreak your iPhone
It’s a dumb mistake that’ll cost you your technical safeguards. You might be able to perform a lot of otherwise “strictly no access” business, but at what cost?

Never Keep Your Online Tabs Open
Yes, auto-login is a dream, especially if you’ve got a variety of passwords to remember. But, did you know that if an intruder had access to your phone, he’s privy to all those automated access too? Just re-enter your password every time you check in.


Locked Screen Notifications – What About It?
You ought to think about the details these tiny rectangles give out on your screen. Take a minute and picture this – an email from your office mate or a reminder for your meeting with your HOD gives a person details on your plans for the day and what it entails.

If you’re using Siri, you should seriously consider disabling its access from your lockscreen, simply because hackers have made use of the voice feature to unlock the device!

Use Sticky Tape?
The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg’s been known to be so conscious that he sticks a piece of adhesive to his laptop camera to stop unwanted eyes from spying on him from the other end.

Now, if even our good friend Mark, who coded one of the most popular websites in the world, is afraid of hackers, I think it’s pretty safe to say that you really shouldn’t get complacent over this.

Reaccess the Apps You Have On Your Phone
There’s constant updates on the existing apps you have on your phone, and it really is a tough deal to crack if the updates are genuine or heinous. All you need is a few minutes to review the apps on your phone – check the permissions they’ve been granted.

If you’re on Android, consider security apps from McAfee and Avast – some of them are free and pretty handy!

Use More than a Password
Yup, smartphones today come with facial recognition, retinal access control and fingerprint verification. It might not be 100% fool-proof, but it’ll help you tighten up your security features on your smartphone and subsequently, its camera too.

Yes, cyber crime is evolving in many ways. It’s time to keep yourself, your phone and yep, even your camera safe too!

Because just imagine this: as you’re reading this one your phone with your mouth wide open, someone is actually staring into your soul.

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