10 Apps That Will Help You Manage Your Time Better in 2018

Almost everyone’s top new year resolution is to manage time better. Time is more valuable than you think. You can earn more money, but you can never take back the time you’ve lost doing something unproductive. That’s why there are countless blogs about time management. But what if we told you that you don’t have to become an expert in time management to know how to manage your time? There is a better way. You just have to let these mobile apps do it for you!

Here are 10 of best time management apps that will save your ever-busy life this coming new year.

1. Google Calendar

An oldie but a goodie. It’s the full-proof scheduling app for teams and individuals. The best thing about Google Calendar is that it automatically connects to your Google account, making it easier to connect to and use all of Google’s apps. Our favorite feature is adding a goal where you just have to state how often you want to do something to achieve the said goal and it will find the best time slot for you.

Time Management App Google Calendar

Image Credit: google.com/calendar/about/

2. Focus Booster

If you’re more concerned about your workflow, try apps like Focus Booster that hinge on the Pomodoro technique. The technique is called as such because it uses 25-minute work blocks, the same time it makes Pomodoro pasta. Every four Pomodoro work blocks reward you with a break time.

Time Management App Focus Booster
Image Credit: focusboosterapp.com

3. Agenda

Agenda keeps your productivity and time management at the top of your priority list. What we love most about this app is its hashtag feature that makes tracking tasks effortless. It’s simple, efficient, and easy on the eyes – making time management a less daunting task of everyday life.

Time Management App Agenda
Image Credit: limit-point.com

4. Remember The Milk

Once you check out the Remember The Milk app, you might just start loving taking down notes and doing the tasks. The app helps you make lists, use hashtags for better organization, color-coordinate them, add and move deadlines, add recurring tasks, and such. The best thing about it is it reminds you on all your devices and platforms, even through Twitter.

Time Management App Remember The Milk
Image Credit: rememberthemilk.com

5. Trello

Trello is the best app for teams and individuals who want to keep track of multiple projects. The app presents each task in the form of “cards” and through these cards, you can assign tasks, chat, upload/download files, and set deadlines. This is an essential all year-round, helping you track your progress while switching things around as you go.

Time Management App Trello
Image Credit: trello.com

6. Mind 42

Feeling stuck and zoning out are both unproductive and time-consuming. When this happens, don’t succumb to social media (as you will get more stuck there, trust us). Instead, go to a mind mapping app like Mind 42 to clear your head and type out ideas. You might think you’re doing it mindlessly but once you see the map you’ve created, you’ll realize how each word connects and you might be able to form a plan out of it.

Time Management App Mind 42
Image Credit: mind42.com

7. Clara

Setting up your schedule is relatively easy but coordinating it with another person’s schedule is almost impossible. Thankfully, Clara, an artificially intelligent email app, scours through your inbox and schedules the best meeting time accordingly.

Time Management App Clara
Image Credit: claralabs.com

8. Evernote

Evernote is Tech’s answer the classic “I have a notebook for every subject in my life” type of person. You can have a notebook for each class, project, list, schedule, personal grocery list, you name it. It’s very helpful in keeping your life organized and making sure you don’t forget anything.

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Time Management App Evernote
Image Credit: evernote.com

9. Todoist

Todoist is one of the first task-management apps that broke into the productivity world. It’s simple, clean, and easy to use. You can list down tasks, create subtasks and sub-projects, add due dates and notifications, and share it with any device and platform. It’s an all-around app that you can rely on to manage our time like a pro.

Time Management App Todoist
Image Credit: en.todoist.com

10. Shift Work Days

For those who have an extremely erratic schedule (as in working different shifts), this app is the best to manage your time and days – literally. You can color code your days, edit as you go, view upcoming shifts, and apply rotations. This is perfect for emergency workers, nurses, doctors, bartenders, and even students who work part-time.

Time Management App Shift Days
Image Credit: shiftworkdays.com

Now that you have these apps, you’re ready to take on the year and get ahead. Remember, managing your time well also relies on your dedication to commit. Stay disciplined and keep your eyes on the prize!

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