10 Artful Themes You Should Incorporate Into Your Homes

Architects do it all. From designing the layout and structure of your house to overseeing the execution process, building something beyond your imagination is no longer confined to wistfully playing with Lego blocks.

More than just about the aesthetics and designs, it’s also about the level of details that an architect has to pay attention to. Creative architecture brings the wildest ideas to life, and the houses in this list are a testament to that.

Visit some cool office spaces designed by the architects that make us want to petition our bosses for an office makeover, and let’s jump straight into these spaces that make us swoon!


Strikingly brilliant and bright, space fanatics will love the design of this minimalist condominium. Not only do the walls remind us of the interior of a space shuttle, we’re convinced that the cube-like balcony decked in wood is a portal that leads into another universe. The intergalactic magic must be magnified at night when the stars and city lights come to life.

Architect: 0932 Design Consultants
Photography by : David & Dennis


Everybody loves Muji, but you’d get into trouble if you tried to live in the store. Don’t worry, with clever architecture, you can model your home after Muji! Plystudio manages to capture the minimalist aesthetic of Muji, working form and function to create a peaceful hideaway that offers plenty of storage compartments.

Architect: Plystudio

Pencil Motif

Indeed a place where creative minds gather to create the next big thing, this office space makes us all wish that ours was just as edgy. Leo Burnett’s trademark pencil motif is brought to life, commanding the attention of anyone who passes by.

Architect: Ministry of Design

Stairway to Heaven

Melding the serene beauty of nature with cutting-edge structural design, this is surely a house that anybody would want to live in. The marvellously unique staircase must be a stairway to heaven with angels waiting to greet us. Every corner of this house leaves us slack-jawed with wonder, even its grand exterior.


Architect: Wallflower Architecture + Design


Raw Walls

This house is full of pleasant surprises, the stairway being one of them. The raw, unpolished wood walls look great paired with the exposed metal staircase suspended above it. We’d also feel bad about taking a shower in the pristine, marbled bathroom and ruining its beauty with soap suds.


Architect: Laud Architects

Art Installation

Ever fancied living in an art installation? It’s definitely possible with the flexibility of creative architecture! What’s even better is the fact that the homeowners did not have to sacrifice precious apartment space in this HDB in order to create a comfortable and liveable home that has the vibe of an up-and-coming art loft in New York City.

Architect: Lekker Architects

Dark & Contemporary

Small space? No problem. Your home can still look as good as this one. It’s splendid how the architects managed to carve space where there is none, making use of every inch of the apartment to create a darkly romantic yet contemporary house that beckons to creative and quirky individuals.


Architect: Dreammetal

Greenery Vibes

This is a commercial building, but we’d be hard-pressed to find anything that screams “stereotypical office!” to us. Walking down the lovely spiral staircase surrounded by luscious potted greenery must be an enchanting experience that perks up any overworked staff, and the homely interior possesses a “work-from-home” vibe that sets anyone at ease.

Architect: Aamer Architects

Japanese Elegance

Who wouldn’t want to live in a house like that? We sure do. Retreat into this gorgeous house that has the quiet, elegant air of a welcoming Japanese guesthouse. With a view like that, we would wake up early every day just to catch the sunrise.

Architect: Architology Interior


Instagram addicts, this is exactly the kind of house you need to keep the updates going. The light wood furnishings work in delicate harmony with the clean whiteness of the house to create a fun beach resort vibe. We also feel like burying our toes into the sandy rug and building sandcastles on it.

Architect: 0932 Design Consultants
Photography by: David & Dennis

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