10 Atas Home Designs That Looks Like Penthouse But Are Actually HDB Flats

With its steeper prices, large footprint, and rarity, HDB maisonettes are like the Rolls Royce of public housing. They remain attractive options for families and couples who appreciate a little more space to themselves. 

Homeowners of these prized double-storey units also enjoy a lot more flexibility when it comes to decorating, and these 10 stunning examples prove that these homes can even pass off as luxurious penthouses in their mature estates.

1. Monochrome Magic

Inspired by the simplicity and cosiness of Nordic homes, this home creates a similar effect by adhering to the minimalist philosophy of “less is more”. Space is a luxury itself, and this is highlighted here with the help of streamlined designs that allow rooms to breathe.

Architect: 0932 Design Consultants

Location: D Maisonette
Photo credit: Tai Heng


2. Modern Comforts

This home is the epitome of classic chic with its pared down colour scheme and minimalist design. Thoughtfully curated and assembled, the furniture pieces come together to form settings that are elegant and functional at the same time.

Architect: 0932 Design Consultants
Location: G Maisonette

3. Rad And Raw

The industrial aesthetics not only lend this cavernous home a funky edge, but also manages to add a lived-in cosiness into the each area. 

This home perfected the look with textural concrete and wood surfaces, as well as statement industrial lighting and furniture designs that complement each other nicely.


Interior Designer: The Interior Lab
Location: Jurong East

4. Stone Edge

While the staircase serves primarily as a functional element in this two-storey home, the designers cleverly turned it into an eye-catching decorative feature by cladding it in concrete. This creates a bold statement for the sparsely-decorated home, elevating it into a modest yet contemporary abode.



Interior Designer: Free Space Intent
Location: Jalan Rajah
Cost of renovation: $110,000

5. Class Act

Bathed in a variety of warm neutrals and accented with dashes of jet black, the classic interiors of this home will surely outlast décor trends. Its understated approach to home design allows for flexibility, and this space would be able to complement changing furniture styles easily in future.

Interior Designer: Fineline Design
Location: Ubi Avenue
Cost of renovation: $160,000


6. Colour Fine

An easy yet effective way to enliven a space is with colours. The simple built-in features of this home may recede into the background, but the choice of lime green and navy blue for its feature walls certainly makes the whole space pop.

Interior Designer: Heavenly Homespace
Location: Serangoon North
Cost of renovation: $70,000

7. Reflect On It

With its sleek, architectural lines and contemporary touches, this snazzy home hits all the right style notes. The ingenious use of mirrored walls visually enlarges the entire home, while the conscious decision to use as little decorate elements as possible allows the home’s roominess to stand out.

Architect: EHKA Studio
Location: Cashew Road

8. You’re Welcome

This home’s living area is perfectly designed for socialising. An open-concept kitchen allows you to interact with guests as you prep meals, and the dining set nearby easily creates a spot where they can hangout and munch on some snacks as they make themselves comfortable before the food is ready.

Interior Designer: Distinct Identity
Location: Bukit Batok
Cost of renovation: $85,000

9. Big Benefits

One of the upsides of decorating a large home is that darker colours won’t pose a threat. Not only does the generous use of black and dark brown here outline the different zones of the open living areas stylishly, it also doesn’t seem imposing in the home’s larger spaces.

Interior Designer: Carpenters Design Group
Location: Jalan Rajah
Cost of renovation: $101,000

10. Made To Impress

Contemporary furnishings and snazzy built-in features such as the blue-lit kitchen island transformed this home into an attractive space that’s made to impress. The entire home also looks twice its size thanks to the many glass walls and shiny white surfaces.

Interior Designer: Boon Siew D’sign
Location: Woodlands
Cost of renovation: $80,000

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