10 beauty hacks all girls should know to stay beautiful

Refresh, not redospray_toner_on_your_faceAfter a meltdown day, you don’t need to re-apply your make up. You just need to refresh it. Lightly spray toner on your face and gently pat with facial tissue to remove excessive liquid. For a perfect smooth finish, brush loose powder evenly to your face and you’re all set!

Invest on sunscreen powdersunscreen_powderAccording to dermatologists, sunscreen can only protect your skin for at least 2 or 3 hours. Hence, you should re-apply it once in awhile. But how do you do that without ruining your make up? Opt for powder with SPF 30 at least. This sun protection will keep your skin covered with maximum shield for sure.

Homemade body scrubs work just finehomemade_body_scrubsPerhaps you invest so much on skin care products that it starts to empty your wallet. Why not make a natural body scrubs with the ingredients you can obtain from your kitchen cabinet? For a silky skin, pamper your skin with a mixture of salt, sugar and olive oil. Scrub gently while giving your body a little massage. Rinse off as you take a bath.

Tone down your foundation color with a bronzerfoundation_bronzerSometimes we purchase the wrong shade of powder and we don’t really know what to do with it. If the face powder you just bought seems to light, you can tone down the color by adding bronzer. This is an exceptionally cheaper than getting a new product.

Long live the lipstick!lipstick_berrisomIf you’re running out of color-stay lipstick, you can try this simple trick. Dust face powder on a sponge and dap it on your lips. Apply your lipstick as usual. This method can also prevent the color from staining your white teeth and no more touch ups for tonight!

No clumpy eye lashesNo_clumpy_eye_lashesMake up artist, Kimara Ahnert, found a simple trick to no-clumpy eye lashes. Over-application of mascara is definitely a big No for a natural look. To opt for a glossy long and volumized eye lashes, dip the mascara brush in its tube and then remove the excessive liquid on a facial tissue before applying it.

Coconut oil for cleansercoconut_oilApplying chemical products on your skin may have side effects. Switch your cleanser with coconut oil that has antibacterial property and won’t cause irritation. It is also a natural moisturizing agent that locks up the moisture in your skin. Coconut oil hydrates the skin in a way that makes your skin softer and smoother. A regular usage of coconut oil in your cleansing regime will reward you with a glowing skin.

Cold water rinse for a shiny hairwoman-hair-washThe most common tips on shampooing your hair usually settle around how to wash it correctly. However, the true secret of a shiny hair is to rinse the residue off with cold water. Cold water rinse closes the cuticles and seal the oil production off from the outer layer of the roots. Hence, it reflects light and gives natural shine to your hair.

Use brush for foundationbrush_for_foundationWhile many of beauty tips encourage you to use your fingers when applying foundation to your face, most make up artists don’t. Instead, they use brush to evenly buff the foundation onto the skin. This technique allows you to have a full coverage without any excess.

Avoid any creasingAvoid_any_creasingYou have fine lines under the eyes? There is indeed, a magic trick to prevent any creasing when applying your foundation. First off, wipe off the eye cream you use this morning with a facial tissue because it contains oil that could possibly create creasing.

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