10 best egg tarts in S’pore that you can’t miss if you’re a true-blue S’porean

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Egg Tarts are a common snack found in our local bakeries and cafes. With a nice creamy centre and delicious pastry skin, the snack is popular among Singaporeans of all ages as a quick bite for all times of the day. Here are the top 10 egg tarts found in Singapore that you must try if you love egg tarts.

Tong Heng Confectionery
When it comes to egg tarts, most Singaporeans are familiar with Tong Heng Confectionery for their famous diamond shaped pastry. This is evident from a survey that was held by a local food blog with Tong Heng coming in with the highest amount of votes. The reason for its popularity may not just be due to its flavour and texture. The shape of the pastry apparent plays a part too. Due to its shape, every bite of the egg tart is a delicious combination of the custard filling and the pastry that holds it together.
Address: 285 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058833
Phone:6223 3649

Crystal Jade
A local favourite for dim sum lovers, their egg tart has is described as a perfect balance of crisp pastry and pillow-soft centre that leaves customers craving for seconds
Address: Various outlets

Paradise Pavilion
This restaurant is famous for their Mini Egg Tarts. The offering at this restaurant is a crisp crust that is thick and buttery, and being small makes it possible to for you to savour the delicious pastry in one bite.
Address: 8A Marina Boulevard, Financial Centre #02-01, 018984
Phone:6509 9308

Imperial Treasure
A good egg tart should leave a mess after eating according to the makers of this pastry at Imperial Treasure and their offering of egg tarts scores high on quality. Delivered at the optimal temperature that does not burn the eater, pastry disintegrates with every bite, giving you a heavenly combination of custard and buttery pastry.
Address: Various outlets

Da Sheng Hong Kong Pastry
The confectionery offers the traditional flaky pastry that locals are not stranger to. The large egg tarts come with a huge amount of custard filling. The custard is smooth, moist and firm with a prominent egg fragrance and with right degree of sweetness.
Address: 36 Sago St, Singapore 059027
Phone:6224 6287

8Tarts & Pastries
The egg tarts here come with some fillings that are local favourites, with flavours such as durian, chocolate and cheese among the selections. For those adventurous foodies, there is a jackfruit flavour version that is said to be delicious.
Address: Tampines Mall, Singapore 529510
Phone:6782 1972

Madeleine’s Original Portuguese Egg Tart & Puff
Madeleine’s offers the Portuguese version characterized by a caramelised coating above the  creamy custard filling, with a thick but light pastry crust. They offer a local twist to the original egg custard version with a pandan flavoured filling.
Address: 198 Tanjong Katong Rd, 436997
Phone:6247 9363

Fancy Delight
Fancy Delight  has a wide selection of flavours for their egg tarts that leave foodies spoilt for choice. What makes the egg tarts here stand out is the crust that has texture comparable to cookies. One interesting flavour that is available here is the mushroom chicken flavoured egg tart that those who have tried commenting that it tastes like Chawanmushi
Address: 23 Serangoon Central, #03-K21 , Nex, 556083

The egg tart at Canton-I had reviewers who tried it savouring every bite. The custard filling was described as being fudge-like and the flaky pastry was addictive according to them.
Address: #03-14, ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, 238801
Tel: +65 65098368

Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries
For fans of the Hong Kong version of the egg tart, Leung Sang Hong Kong Pastries is one stop that must not be missed. The egg tart crust made by Leung Sang may be thick at first glance, but it crumbles at every bite, complementing the rich eggy flavour of the custard filling contained within the pastry.
Address: 18 Jln Membina, Singapore 164018
Phone:6271 6056