10 best ice-cream cakes for a cold birthday you’ll never forget

Cream cakes are too mainstream for birthday parties. We love it better when you put cake and ice cream together. After all, it’s the best of both worlds, right? Also, we get to play with the dry ice. The smokey effect from the dry ice just makes cakes seem so much cooler, no?

Try out the ice cream cakes from these places!

This one has always been famous amongst parties for children, because it’s the most convenient. Also, the traditional flavours of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla ice cream never fail to disappoint. And you can even order online and get it delivered to your doorstep.

Island Creamery
Want ice cream cakes with unique flavours? Or do you simply love Mudpie? Island Creamery is dedicated to serving you their best frozen desserts.

Marble Slab
The ice cream comes in various flavours, so the cakes are definitely worth a try. A change from Swensen’s ice cream cake, the birthday kid will definitely appreciate the cake better.

Cold Stone Creamery
They’re known for the ice cream throwing skills, but not their ice cream cakes which is a pity. Try their ice cream cakes next time you make a visit!

Andersen’s never fail to deliver – good quality ice cream means good quality ice cream cake. Yums!

Ice Cream & Cookie Co.
They started off selling ice cream sandwich and now they have expanded their business. You can order online for home/office delivery if you can’t fetch the cake! Check them out for their ice cream between cookies!

Udders Ice Cream
Who doesn’t know Udders? You can even stop by for other desserts while getting your ice cream cake packed!

Tai Parfait
Not exactly a cake, but still good enough to be on this list. It’s a hot favourite among youths because it looks and tastes so appetizing.

Ben & Jerry’s
Anothert top spot for ice cream, it’s no doubt that they have one of the best ice cream cakes either!

Ice Cream Uncles
We’re talking about those uncles along Orchard Road selling ice cream. Not cake, but ice cream sandwich. It makes the cut too, because it’s an all time favourite but much cheaper than other ice cream cakes duh!