10 best places in Singapore with coffee so amazing you’ll ditch Starbucks and Coffee Bean immediately

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Are you a Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tealeaf lover? 10 years ago, those were probably the best places to go for gourmet coffee, but now, there are so many other places that are worth going! Here are 10 best places for your next coffee fix!

Stranger’s Reunion
Located on Kampong Bahru, Stranger’s Reunion serves up great waffles and all day brunch food. With great food comes great coffee! It’s cozy and service here is friendly and energetic.

Chye Seng Huat Hardware
Situated along Tyrwhitt Road, Chye Seng Huat is a beautifully furbished coffee bar and features one of the best cold brews in town. To make it even more hipster, the music pumping through the establishment comes from a vinyl record player!

Image: chubbyhubby.net
Image: chubbyhubby.net

Papa Palheta
Managed by the same people behind Chye Seng Huat Hardware, the consistently reliable baristas at Papa Palheta brews up a fierce cuppa!

Image: jackisnotdull.com

Common Man Coffee Roasters
Another hipster joint located on Martin Road, Common Man Coffee Roasters not only makes one hell of a café latte, their poached eggs are also to die for! Head on over for your next brunch date!

Nylon Coffee Roasters
Nylon Coffee Roasters can be found at Everton Park and is managed by a group of individuals so passionate about coffee that their main goal of the business is to source and roast coffee from all over the world! Keeping their menu simple, and their doors the perfect hue of Tiffany blue, one must step in here to feel the passion in their coffees!

Image: thatbottomlesspit.wordpress.com
Image: thatbottomlesspit.wordpress.com

Forty Hands
Forty Hands was one of the first few artisanal coffee places to come up in Singapore. Located in the cozy and quiet Tiong Bahru estate, Forty Hands is now open on Mondays as well (unlike many other establishments). They also do a nice pillowy-soft Tau Sar Pau, which makes for the perfect afternoon snack!

Oriole Coffee + Bar
Conveniently located next to a mall, Oriole not only makes one of the strongest coffees I’ve tasted, it also offers a great deal for happy hour! Alcohol and coffee? Count me in!

Loysel’s Toy
Loysel’s Toy is a hidden gem – located in a ulu corner of Lavender, it is a cosy café that serves awesome brunch items and a perfect cup of coffee. The selling point here is sitting at the outdoor tables, and feeling right at home.

Image: 365days2play.com
Image: 365days2play.com

Yahava Koffeeworks
Another café in Singapore that roasts its own coffee beans, guests can also choose to sign up for the coffee-making workshop, where you get to learn how to brew your own cup of coffee and learn all about latte art. Ask to take a peek in the room where they keep all their beans – the smell is absolutely divine!

Maison Ikkoku
Café by day, cocktail bar by night! Maison Ikkoku can be found on Kandahar Street, and uses old wooden doors for its table tops. If that doesn’t lure you in, then the smell of its fresh brews should!

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Image: cafehopping.sg
Image: cafehopping.sg