10 Best Places To Get Phone Covers In S’pore Under $10 ($2 Phone Covers At Daiso Orchard Anyone?)


Last Updated on 2020-02-19 , 2:53 pm

Have you always wanted to expand your collection of phone covers but found them to be too expensive? If you are the kind of person who changes phone covers once a month, or better still, once a week, this list might just be useful in helping you find affordable yet good quality coversGoodbye $40 phone covers, hello $2 phone covers from Daiso Orchard!

Locker Shops

Shops such as Box Boss or Toy Outpost have lockers filled with phone covers where you can get 1 for $6 and 2 for $10. Worth a buy especially if you are looking for simple, minimalistic covers.

Orchard Cineleisure Level 1

There is a store outside Sticky and Lacoste where you can get cheap yet cute and trendy phone covers. I’ve bought quite a few covers from there and they have served me well despite the cheap prices.

Location: 8 Grange Road, 239695


Located in Cineleisure, not much attention has been given to this shop for their phone covers. Typically, girls go there for the accessories, neglecting the phone covers that are pretty cheap as well. I’ve bought a transparent cover for $4.

Location: Cathay Cineleisure Orchard, #02-09



Those who rarely goes to *Scape will have more reasons to make your way there this weekend! There are plenty of stalls selling cheap phone cases – it’s a steal. Also, when there are flea markets on the upper levels during the weekend, you can definitely find cheaper buys!

Location: 2 Orchard Link, beside Orchard Cineleisure


You can get stylish phone covers here for just $2! One of my colleagues recently got a leather cover and the material is pretty good for its cheap price, and it looks rather classic! You can buy up to 5 covers if you’d like!

And if you think some of the locations are too inconvenient, why not head to Daiso Orchard. It’s in a central area, and you can always check that place out when you’re out shopping!

Location: Check out their site for the various locations.


Similar to Daiso, this shop at Changi City Point sells most of their things for $2 unless stated otherwise. Come on down and you might just find something to your liking. You might even go home with more things than just a phone cover. I know I did.

Location: Changi City Point #B1-46/47

Pasar Malam

The pasar malam beside Causeway Point is always ongoing and it’ll be weird to not see the pasar malam there. You can definitely get cheaper phone covers here even though it won’t be as cheap as 2 bucks.


Similar to Groupon, Lazada has a lot of things for sale – dirt cheap prices. Looking for good quality covers? Try Lazada and you might just be impressed.


This site is no unfamiliar name. The best thing about Qoo10 is that you can choose to pick up your stuff at the shop selling it, so you get to check your purchase for defects before you take it home!


Carousell has a lot of sellers selling customized phone covers for $18. However, there are other sellers selling covers for less than $10 and it’s best if the covers were bought overseas! Might be Carouhell but cheap prices FTW.

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