10 brutally honest reasons why the best relationship is with a girl who cries a lot


Last Updated on 2016-05-31 , 6:37 pm

Does your girlfriend cry a lot? Fret not, we are only humans and everyone has had a point in life when they certainly felt like crying. Just some more than the others, such as  girls who are more sensitive than usual. It seems like they have heightened emotions, especially when they are PMS-ing.

If your girlfriend is like that and you’re feeling damn pek cek, chill bro. Here are 10 brutally honest reasons why the best relationship is with a girl who cries a lot!

She doesn’t hide her emotions
Or maybe she does, but not so much. She cries easily, so expect her to cry no matter if she’s overjoyed or sad AF. So this means…

You will know something is wrong
You will know something is wrong. Of course, trying to pinpoint what’s wrong will be harder. Make sure to solve this fast or she’s going to cry till Orchard Road is ponding again.

She doesn’t hate
Crying is a state of releasing stress, unhappiness and it can be therapeutic. She may cry and get over it the next day so don’t worry that she will hate on you if you did make her cry.

Less built up stress
Also, in the rare even that she’s stopped crying, she’s more carefree since, like we mentioned, crying is therapeutic. Shedding tears release the built up anger and sadness.

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She will always carry tissue
You can get your free supply of tissue from her since she is bound to carry tissue with her whenever she goes.

Mentally stronger
She may not seem like it, but people who are mentally stronger cries. They know they are strong enough to cry and express emotions instead of bottling it all inside.

She’s a kind person
Ever saw a girl who cried because of an animal’s poor living situation? Yes, those are the girls kind beyond words.

She trusts you
Many people think that crying is a sign of weakness. We wouldn’t like people to see our weak side if we don’t trust that person.


You get practice dealing with crying girls
You can use her for practice so you know what to expect and what to do when you see girls crying again.

Funny memories
Your town instantly becomes a google map of the moments where you saw her cried before. She used to cry at this café during dinner, in the cinemas, at the streets of Orchard…etc.

Both of you can laugh about this when she’s done crying. Either that or she cries again. Oh well, you should be used to it anyway.