10 changes a girl would have once she’s attached

Firstly, let’s all face it: when a girl just got attached, she’d become another person altogether. You won’t even need to stalk her Facebook to see the changes.

Here’re some the changes, lest you really can’t tell the difference. Or maybe, lest you didn’t know how much you’ve changed (get it?).

Their S/O seems to be the only thing they ever talk about.

Maybe you two were talking about your favourite music, and suddenly she pipes in with, ‘Oh,  by the way, (S/O’s name) tried singing one of their songs yesterday and they were so cute…’ They can suddenly pop up anywhere; from discussions about war, food, sleep, clothes, books and even during study sessions, if which is the case, you should buy a pair of noise-cancelling earpieces and say ‘Hmm?’ and ‘Oh.’ at timed intervals while scrunching your brow to look interested.

She becomes very emotionally sensitive.

She can suddenly go from happy and boisterous in one moment, to a weepy, blubbering mess in the next, more than due to a recent text from her S/O, and as quickly as the tears have arrived, they will stop when she receives another. It’s amazing. A miracle. An act of God. It’s like seeing the calm after the storm.

If you’re meeting with her, you never know what to expect. She could be in an extremely foul mood, or very high and giggly, depending on her S/O. In cases like these, count to ten and look up at the sky. It also helps to head to the mama store for tissues in bulk. Last time my friend was attached, my pants were so tight in the pockets they hurt.

She spends less time with you.

Boohoo. You heard me right. This is the person she wants to marry. This is the person she’s going to marry, or at least, the person she thinks she’s going to marry. Now most of her time will be spent at their side, and she never has any time for the both of you.

She claims it’s schoolwork, or her CCA or her chores, that’s why she’s ‘so busy, and has no time to hang out this week or month and is so sorry!’ but you have seen that gleam in her eye before, which means that she’s actually going to get Llaollao with her S/O later and has three more consecutive dates for the rest of the week. You end up fuming silently and going onto Goody Feed to spend the rest of your free time.

She becomes less independent.

It’s hard not to stand on your own when you know there will be something supporting you. So you decide to relax, and before you know it, you are heavily dependent on that crutch of yours. You probably won’t cling to it, but it is now very important to you and without it, you would fall smack on your face, unlike before. That is how it will be like for your dear friend here. However, the one she’ll be depending on emotionally will be her S/O.

Be warned.

She becomes more paranoid.

When you have something good, you don’t ever want it to end, do you? She starts ranting, listing off the various things other people have done that was definitely to get her S/O’s attention. She gets insanely jealous, and glares at the next person she claims ‘was making cow eyes at them!’ Everyone in the vicinity, watch out. The old granny sitting at the coffee table there isn’t an exception.

She becomes cheesier, cornier… like a box of nachos?

One day, suddenly, you hear the word ‘honey’ slip out from her mouth. You glance at her, startled, and she grins at you. ‘They’re just so perfect,’ she gurgles, eyes turning liquid. Then soon after, ‘Baby’, ‘sweetie’, ‘darling’ follows suit. The dreaded ‘Bae’ too. She hugs you and squeezes you a bit too tight. Just. A bit. Can’t breathe! She giggles and makes moony eyes into the distance. She draws hearts all over her notebook.

She disappears, sort of. Into her S/O.

She’s not herself anymore. She looks the same, dresses the same, but the words coming out of her are so different. She talks enthusiastically about football, about indie rock, and guitars, about IT tech— just because that’s what S/O is into. What? She is even thinking of getting a dog? Last time you saw her look at a dog, she was squeaking in fear. Face it, pal; she’s lost her individuality.

She starts singing love songs.

Whatever it is, breakup anthems from Taylor Swift are an absolute downer when you two actually get to hang out.

Nat King Cole and Aqua are her absolute favourites. She gives the radio an incredulous smile whenever it drones on with a song that wails about ‘sad love’ and ‘partings’.

She starts picking at you to get attached too.

‘Hey, c’mon… You’re so quiet nowadays, whenever I see you.’ She gets a glint in her eye. ‘You should totally go out with so-and-so… get someone lah! You’ll be super happy, just like the both of us. Love heals!!’ Run. get out of there!

Everything revolves around her S/O.

‘I can’t eat beef because they don’t like the smell.’ or ‘I’ll choose strawberry cause it’s their favourite fruit!’ or ‘I won’t be joining you all for the run cause they told me running is bad for your knees in the long run.’ will become common phrases that pepper the conversations between the both of you. You have to constantly remind her that, no, for the last time, she does not have an allergy to roses and it wouldn’t do her any harm to her S/O if she just looked at it.

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