10 common beauty mistakes that make you ugly when you’re pretty

People are really obsessed with beauty tips; about how to apply you makeup correctly, how to wear eye liner, or mascara or eye shadow and all sort of things about makeup. We may have read and done all of the tips and yet it is really easy to get one or two things slip away and we get our guard down. There are some of these beauty mistakes that we might have done unconsciously.

makeup_mistake1Not cleaning your makeup brushes – We’ve all been guilty of this from time to time. Even most makeup artists confess that the time-consuming brush-cleaning process is their least favorite part of the job. But even if you don’t care that dirty brushes can make you break out, don’t forget that they’re affecting your makeup application.

makeup_mistake2Matching foundation to the back of your hand – we’ve all done it. Why would we test foundation on our hands when we’ll be wearing it on our faces? Your face and hand are often not the same color as they don’t receive the same amount of sun exposure. Try foundation on your jawline for a perfect match.

makeup_mistake3Obvious lip liner – Lip liner is meant to be functional, not decorative. If your lipstick slips, feathers or bleeds, you need lip liner, “but use a pencil that matches your natural lip color,” Burford says.

makeup_mistake4Spider-leg lashes – “It doesn’t matter what the look is on the catwalk, clumpy lashes are never in,” make-up artist Yolanda Lukowski says. To apply mascara, “wedge the brush right near the roots of the lashes and wiggle it back and forth before pulling outwards. Use a mascara comb right after application to remove any clumps.” Curling your lashes with mascara on is a huge no-no. Not only will you ruin your previously perfect mascara application, but the curler can stick to your gunky lashes and yank them out.

sleep-in-makeupSleeping in your makeup – maybe this happens when you’re tired! But you do know that this is bad. After all, it’s probably why the beauty industry invented cleansing wipes! Makeup settles in your pores and stretches them out, which is permanent over time. Enlarged pores = rough, aged skin. A clean face was the key to keeping our skin dewy and youthful, we would have created better habits long ago.

makeup_mistake5Wearing waterproof mascara every day – Unless you’re a very sweaty individual or a synchronized swimmer, you shouldn’t wear a waterproof formula regularly. It’s very drying on the lashes. And since these mascaras are hard to remove, you’ll probably rub your eyes a lot during the cleansing process and end up losing some lashes.

makeup_mistake6Wearing too much foundation – there is no reason to apply thick foundation to your entire face unless you’re hiding discoloration or blemishes a thin layer will do, just focus on trouble areas like the T-zone, around the nose, and under the eyes, leaving the rest of your skin fresh.

Not setting your concealerNot setting your concealer – if you think you’re done hiding your blemishes or under-eye circles with just a dab of product, think again. Even with primer, concealer can shift and reveal your darkest (or reddest) skin secrets. Lock the look down with a light dusting of translucent powder.

makeup_mistake7Adding nail polish remover to thin out older lacquers – This is serious sabotage — and also why some salon manicures never seem to last. The chemicals in remover break down polish (which makes sense, as it’s made to do that), rendering the bottled shade unusable. Use a nail polish thinner instead.

makeup_mistake8Keeping makeup for too long – Makeup expires in anything from a few months to less than two years.

So you must have come to realization by now! Try not to do these mistakes again! Because if these happens for too long, the result is not really what you wanted!

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