10 common foods you mustn’t miss when in Pasar Malam


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:46 pm

Pasar Malam has been around for a long time and it is often known for assortment and the delectable food. With more and more Pasar Malams sprouting up and the increase in variety of food, what exactly are the must-try food in these Pasar Malam?

Fried Oreo
This is a relatively new is now found in Pasar Malam.  Oreos that are being mixed with batter and then deep fried in oil. It is typically serve in threes and it is a must-try as it is rare to find such products in shops around Singapore. However, people who don’t have a sweet tooth should avoid this as it may get too sweet after a few bites.

Ramlee Burger
Arguably the local’s favourite. Ramlee Burger with its juicy beef/chicken wrap in egg and sweet chilli sauce has long been the childhood fav for many locals. Its serving size is reasonable but the waiting time may get a bit long during peak hours. So try to be the first in the queeue!

Taiwan Sausage
This food has long been there as long as one could remember, yet it never loses its charm. While new entrants such as Churros and Fried oreo appear to be stealing all the limelight, the Taiwan Sausage remains the local favourite and its often sold out at night.

Definitely the new C in Singapore and the ongoing buzz in town. Instead of having to go down to town to try Churros Factory or Churros 101 at 9pm, you can now head down to your nearest Pasar Malam to grab a bite! However, please be prepared. Its so popular that waiting time can be up to 1 hour long.

Mua Chee
You’re not a Singaporean if you don’t know about this snack. This traditional chinese snack has long won the hearts of many. The glutinous rice ball coated with fine peanut and sugar is one of the best snack to have while watching your favourite drama. 

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The most common Turkish food found in Singapore which is serve piping hot is also another local’s favourite. The portion is reasonable and you may find friendly vendors if you are lucky enough.

The famous Japanese snack in Singapore that is well-liked by both the young and the old. It has unique flavours that are hard to find in shops and it may go as low as 6 for $2! Of course, such cheap food will definitely invite crowd, so be in the queue as early as possible to avoid long waiting hours!

Fried Ice cream
If you are an avid ice cream fan, then you can’t possibly let this dish slip by! It is currently the new hype in Pasar Malam and it comes in many flavours, such as matcha, vanilla, strawberry. You can witness the entire making process for yourself as you seen the ice cream being spread out onto the pan and being rolled up before adding the colourful chocolate sprinkles.

Fried Chicken Cutlet
The famous Taiwanese Chicken Cutlet that is almost or bigger than the size of your face. (not exaggerating). The serving is enormous and it is best shared with a friend. It comes in different flavours such as seaweed, salted, honey and many more! You surely wouldn’t want to miss it!


Another traditional chinese snack that has been around for a long time. It is often served in 5 and customers have a few choices to choose from, such as coconut or peanut. Nowadays, there are even chocolate flavours to choose from to entice the young ones!