10 complicated things we girls really want our silly and clueless boyfriends to understand


Last Updated on 2017-11-23 , 7:48 pm

Sometimes, men can be really clueless when it comes to understanding what we want and why we carry out certain actions. They think that some of the things we do are absolutely absurd and simply cannot comprehend why. If you fall into one of those categories, then we are here to help.

Here are some of the little things we wish our boyfriends would pay more attention to, or know more about us!

We want you to send us home
We want you to send us home not because we are afraid of going home on our own. We are perfectly fine with the idea of going home alone.We just want to spend all the possible time that we’ve got with you.

We want surprises
Not for the gifts, but for the gesture. We don’t expect you to spend an arm or a leg to get us a gift. We just want surprises to know that you are thinking about us too.

We want to be able to talk to you
Whether if it’s about our day or about everything under the sun, we want to know that we can talk to you because one of the most important reasons why relationships work out is through good communication.

We want to feel appreciated
We want you to love us for who we are, and for what we do. We don’t need you to buy us expensive gifts to show your gratitude. Sometimes, just a simple “Thank You” or a compliment will do just fine.


Why we take forever to get ready
We want to look good for ourselves and for you. Simple as that.

Why do girls always ask if they are fat
Oh, I don’t know? Maybe because we want to know how we look in your eyes and whether if you do take notice of us? Maybe sometimes, we already know the answer to that question but we just want to hear something nice from you guys?

Stand up for us
Sometimes, when we complain to you about a trivial matter that has happened in school or at work, we don’t need your advice or your solutions. Sometimes, all we need is for you to take our side and know that you have always got our backs.

Text us
Everyone loves the idea of waking up to a good morning text or receive a goodnight text before it shows that they are the first thing you think about when you wake up and the last thing you remember before you sleep. That’s the same for us girls. And don’t worry, there are also days where we will initiate the text too.


Why we are almost always on a diet when we are alone
We don’t go on a diet unless it is for a good reason because who doesn’t love food? We are on a diet so that we can feast with you.

Why we always cry for no reason
It’s called PMS guys. Go look it up.

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