10 concealer hacks every girl must know to look even more beautiful


B ehind the beauty, there lies creativity. The concealer we know, has become a versatile product every girl must have. And it’s not just for your undereyes! In fact, these concealer hacks are making things easier for us to get the look we’ve always wanted – flawless! concealer1 The right step to wear concealer is after your foundation. Concealer has a lighter ingredient than a foundation. Thus, if you apply it first, there is a huge possibilities that the foundation will remove it away. concealer2 The best way to apply concealer is to work on triangle area under your eye and point toward the cheek. Not only that it conceals the dark circle undereye, it also helps creating illusion of face lift and draws the focus up. concealer3 To create a perfect camouflage for your acnes, you can cover the spots using a green colored concealer and top it with a concealer that matches your skin color. Blend it into a little larger area surrounds the blemish. Green concealer can tone down the redness on your skin. When applying the concealer, make sure you use a cotton bud or a clean brush. concealer4 Not having enough sleep yesterday? Don’t let the panda eyes stop you from conquering today! Use light colored concealer and draw a thin line on the inner eyelid. Apply more below your brow bones. Blend it gently using a brush. This highlight looks flawlessly natural especially on days where your eyes said you’ve partied too much. concealer5 No one needs to know if slept late at night yesterday. Hide your puffy eyes by mixing eye cream, concealer and highlighter on your hand. Apply it evenly under the eye. It instantly hides the puff away! To remove the excess, blot a tissue to the undereye area and press lightly to prevent any crease from settling. concealer6 If drawing cat’s eye seems to be difficult for you, try to correct the mistake using a concealer. Dip an angled brush in your concealer bottle and remove the mistakes by reshaping it. You see, it’s better than starting over. concealer7 Fuller lips and plumper – another beauty secret with your concealer is to fill the middle section of your lips with a light color concealer. Blend it out using your fingertip and finish with a matte color lipstick or cream lip gloss. concealer8 Slightly enlarge your lips and make the color pops out using your concealer. Draw a line just outside your lipline. Use a brush with a fine tip to draw a neat line. This can also prevent the lipstick from bleeding outside. Looking sharp! concealer9 Running out of a highlighter? Use your concealer to highlight your facial feature. Concealer stick makes the contouring easy as you simply draw the shade on areas that catch light. Blend it evenly using a buff brush. Invest on more than 2 concealers Unless you are Beyonce, it’s good to keep more than just a type of concealer in your bag. You can use both to cover areas depending on the type of coverage it needs. Source: cosmopolitan, fevrie

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