10 crazy facts about Lobang King (Wang Wei Liang) that’ll make you like him ever more

If you’ve not been living under a rock in Singapore, you’d probably know who he is. Wang Wei Liang, the guy who played “lobang king” in Ah Boys to Men where he’s practically a walking ma-ma shop, his popularity and fame in Singapore has been sky high since he first appeared on the big screen.

He’s like the atypical Singapore boy among the many “jia kantang” co-stars like Maxi Lim and Tosh Zhang and many Singaporeans adored him for his down-to-earth and local flavor.

Here’s 10 crazy facts about Lobang King Wang Wei Liang that’ll make you like him even more. Confirm.

He’s a rag-to-riches story
He dropped out of school at 14 to help with the household expenses, and he declare that the entire reason why he’s on stage is because of his mother. He is happy to finally give his mother a reason to be proud of him and see his success after being a disappointment for so many years.

There’s a reason why he’s so good at selling, even in the movie
You would have thought it’s because it’s scripted, but he was a salesman turned getai singer turned getai host before his role in Ah Boys to Men. Now you know why he can sell his products so well in camp, with dialect, Singlish and a healthy mix of “ah-bengism”.

He used to keng through his real NS
In an interview with Yahoo Singapore, he admitted that he disliked NS, and when there’s a chance, he’ll take MC, siam and all that. But he grew to understand the necessity of NS and anyway, when he filmed Ah Boys to Men, he jokingly said everything he siam in BMT all return to him by 10 times. So, he warned the younger people, don’t keng in army. Some things cannot siam one.

He loves watches – expensive watches
He saved up for six months to get a pair of Rolexes, one for his mom and one for himself. These watches cost him more than $20,000. And after that, an Audemars Piguet worth $17,000.

He doesn’t just act, he can sing as well
He shocked sang for the Lion Men’s soundtrack an original ballad 牵着我 and shocked audiences when he sang at Ah Boys to Men: The Musical.

He started out as a Getai singer
Yup, it wasn’t star search, nor was Ah Boys to Men his first foray into the entertainment industry. While his singing didn’t catch much attention, it was his comedy routine that made him into a getai host. In fact, he was mentored by Wang Lei.

He doesn’t have a sense for fashion, or at least he doesn’t used to
In an interview with Star Style back in 2014, he mentioned that he depended on close friend Tosh Zhang and local hip-hop artist Shigga Shay for fashion advice. They told him to create his own style, but when he showed them what he usually wore, they told him not that type of style. Now I’m really curious what his style looked like originally.

He’s pretty crazy and chill
For the Scoot garang challenge, he ran along Orchard Road, half-naked and painted his body in the colors of Singapore flag and had a “head tattoo” with the Singapore Merlion shaved into the back of his head. Not bad eh?

Wang Wei Liang in 2015
Well, before I did this article, I thought he’s busy doing endorsements and maybe Ah Boys to Men 4: reservist style, but here’s what he’s up to as well. He is the male lead in upcoming Mandarin local family comedy Lucky Boy where he gets to romance Hong Kong actress Venus Wong. And not only that, he will be acting in the movie with Chew Chor Meng, the original lobang king in the hearts of 90s kids who watched 敢敢做个开心人. The film is coming out in the 2nd quarter of 2016.

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He’s gentlemanly, caring and quiet
Yup, that’s what Hong Kong actress Venus Wong said about him when asked to describe her Singaporean co-actor. Quite the opposite of his TV personality, isn’t it?

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