10 Cutest Song Ji-Hyo Facts That Will Make You Like Her Even More

Song Ji-hyo is a well-known and popular Korean actress and only female in Running Man. Apart from her beauty, what do you know about her? Did you know that Song Ji-hyo has a brother? Check out the facts below and let us know how many you already know!

Ji Hyo Takes Care Of The Men

Being the only female member on the Running Man team, she’s always looking out for her fellow team members. Just check out how she takes care of Gary by sweetly getting him food he can’t reach on the show’s behind-the-scenes.

She Was Cast While Working Part-Time At A Cafe

Auditions? Nah. She’s totally spotted on the streets and that’s how her career started.

She’s Totally Professional When It Comes To Acting

Look at how she differs from her easygoing, tomboyish image in Running Man. Every time she acts, she gets into the character and plays them with full gusto. She even trains personally for action scenes and is not afraid of doing nude scene because to her, if it helps in expressing the character well, it’s worth it.

She Has An Adorable Relationship With Her Brother

On a recent Running Man episode, she showcased her sisterly side by showing the childhood games she used to play with her siblings. She also invited her brother along to the show. Song Ji-hyo’s brother even joked that she used to hit him all the time. Ah, see how close they are?

She Can Act Really Cute

Just check out the latest episode, 273, of Running Man where she had to act the part of a cute whiny girlfriend for a comedic gag. Her aegyo wins hands down.

But She’s Totally Sexy As Well

Come on, don’t tell me you haven’t seen her photo shoots? Just search “Song Jihyo sexy” if you want to see them.

She’s Not Afraid To Sacrifice Her Pretty Image

Look at the number of times she was looking blur and bare-faced in Running Man. And those times she pulled hair and acted rough. She doesn’t back out from a game just because it would spoil her image as an actress.

She Needs To Sleep All The Time

Honestly, that’s how she earned her nickname Mong-Ji, similar to a blur queen in local context, when she always makes the blur face. But the scenes of her sleeping are hilarious and cute at the same time.

And Her Sleeping Face Is The Cutest Thing Ever

Sometimes, even her mouth is open. But she’s still damn cute.

She’s Totally Not Afraid Of Anything

She always volunteers to go first for bungee jumping and is not afraid to stand up high on diving boards. In comparison, her make coworkers all look like scaredy cats in her presence.

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