10 daily habits of online shoppers you probably didn’t know unless you’re one


Last Updated on 2016-05-18 , 3:46 pm

1. Checking your email every day.
It’s like your birthday whenever you get emails on new releases by your favourite shops, or even better, sales!

2. Liking Instagram photos of the blogshop models.
The models are so pretty they probably don’t even need those nice clothes to look good. You can get so much styling inspiration from a few photographs!

3. Checking out discount codes.
Whether they are in the emails or social media posts, discount codes are always welcomed! Another excuse to shop (because hey, 20% off is a bargain, right?) but who cares!

4. Sharing albums of the blogshop collection on Facebook.
Just because you are totally excited about the newest collection, or maybe hoping for a chance to win your favourite outfit!

5. Post #ootd pictures on Instagram.
You must hashtag all the blogshop names in the picture and tag the Instagram accounts on your outfit. Who knows, you might be featured alongside those models!

6. Anticipate the doorbell ring.
Every day is Christmas when you get the parcels containing your precious orders. Once the doorbell rings, you jump up and answer it immediately!


7. You say “hello” to your neighbourhood postman whenever you see him around.
Come on, you are practically best friends since he visits you every week. He’s like the Santa Claus of your daily online-shopping life.

8. Browsing Instagram profiles of the models and blogshop-hop.
How else would you keep updated with the latest trends and potentially awesome shops?

9. You automatically think about shipping costs whenever someone mentions online shopping.
Shipping costs are probably the bane of your life, especially when it comes to overseas shopping sites. If only clothes could be teleported to your house… Then they won’t cost twice as much.

10. You have memorised all your body measurements.
It’s the most important information you need, especially when it comes to flash sales! Fastest fingers first, so you need to make sure you are prepared at all times to buy the size you want!


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