10 Decor Trends: What’s Popular And What’s Not

What’s hot and what’s not? Read on as we give you an insight into 10 popular renovation and décor ideas, and share with you our predictions on the trends which are here to stay and those which are so yesterday.

1. Brick Wall Interior Designer: Chapter One Location: Twin Waterfalls Cost of renovation: $22,000 A great way to add panache and character to any home, brick walls are a common sight in the living rooms of many Singaporean homeowners. Just scroll along the Qanvast app and you will see many homes with brick walls. From the raw, reddish variety to the polished, cemented look and even undone ones – cream shades are especially favoured by many homeowners as they evoke an aura of sophistication.

Interior Designer: AD. I. WRKS Location: Anchorvale Crescent Cost of renovation: $30,000

2. Exposed bulbs Interior Designer: BOX.ID Studio Location: Shunfu Cost of renovation: $40,000 Do you dare to bare it? Apparently, many Singaporeans do as exposed bulbs are a common find in local homes. Whether arranged in a cluster or dangling precariously from the ceiling as a solitary piece, exposed bulbs are chic pieces which effortlessly amp up the style factor of your home. Though they are frequently used to complement industrial style décor, you’ll find that these stripped down beauties work well with various home décor styles. Dare to bare, dare to experiment! Interior Designer: LU+C Location: Siglap Avenue Cost of renovation: $400,000 3. Full hack of walls Interior Designer: Space Atelier Location: Upper Serangoon Road (Cape View) Cost of renovation: $37,000 With a full hack, light is allowed to permeate the room and this gives the sense that there is a lot more space that there actually is. Rather than leaving the space empty, many homeowners have opted to install a glass divider or sliding glass doors as a partition to achieve an overall vibe of modernity. Interior Designer: DISTINCTidENTITY Location: Sumang Link Cost of renovation: $50,000 4. Venetian blinds Interior Designer: Oakthree Studio Location: Tampines Cost of renovation: $65,000 Sleek and modern, venetian blinds are popular among many homeowners as they can be easily rolled up and down to control the amount of sunlight and privacy one wants to let into a room. While most homeowners opt for the ubiquitous white blinds, venetian blinds are also available in different materials and tones. We particularly adore wooden venetian blinds as they exude a vibe of understated elegance. Interior Designer: Spire ID Location: Punggol Field Cost of renovation: $23,000 5. Pencil legs furniture Interior Designer: Three-D Conceptwerke Location: Tanjong Katong Cost of renovation: $110,000 Furniture with pencil legs are functional beauties that are highly sought after by many homeowners as their thin legs make them versatile enough to complement various home décor styles. Interior Designer: Dyel Design Location: Dawson SkyTerrace Cost of renovation: $37,000

1. Chalkboard wall Interior Designer: Habit Location: Eastwood Green Cost of renovation: $80,000 Unless you embrace an old-school feel, we say that there’s a reason that chalkboards are a thing of the past and that you should definitely be moving on from this trend. Plus, we are not into having chalk dust near the food and drinks area. Interior Designer: Voila Location: RiverParc Residence Punggol Cost of renovation: $24,000 2. Half hack of walls in study room – half glass partition and half wall Interior Designer: Fuse Concept Location: Anchorvale Link Cost of renovation: $30,000 While the half hacking of walls is a good option for many homeowners who do not want to take the plunge and go for a full hack, this décor feature has been so done to death and that we are turning a blind eye to it. 3. Cement screed Interior Designer: Superhome Design Location: Yishun Cost of renovation: $32,000 Following the new regulations implemented by the HDB, pre-packed cement screed is now a requirement for HDB flooring. What this means for homeowners – higher renovation costs which contractors estimate will cost up to $3,000 more. With the increase in prices, we predict that homeowners may start shunning this material. Interior Designer: The Design Practice Location: Bedok North Cost of renovation: $45,000 4. Kompac Plus Interior Designer: Space Atelier Location: Senja Cost of renovation: $32,000 The styilsh Kompac Plus (a very thin kitchen countertop) has been a popular favourite for a while. However, they can be relatively costly and may not be suited for those who tend to cook a lot. We’d prefer the good ‘ol solid countertop which has a higher durability. 5. Gallery wall Interior Designer: Thom Signature Design Location: Yishun Cost of renovation: $35,000 While they may seem like a charming addition to the home, gallery walls have become too ubiquitous in Singaporean homes. If you are not looking for cookie-cutter home décor, you know what to avoid! Interior Designer: Linear Space Concept Location: The Peak Cost of renovation: $65,000 With that being said, a home is a place close to your heart. Design and style it in the way you love and feel comfortable in! Here’s how Qanvast can help you to achieve that – simply download the free app and save beautiful interior design ideas onto your Qanvast boards. Start budgeting for your new home and

Design and style it in the way you love and feel comfortable in! Here’s how Qanvast can help you to achieve that – simply download the free app and save beautiful interior design ideas onto your Qanvast boards. Start budgeting for your new home and drop us a complimentary quote request to get quotes and advice from our trusted base of interior designers. The app can be downloaded free on the App Store and Google Play.

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