10 different ways girlfriends use to express their love you probably didn’t know

Guys, if you’re in a relationship, you probably know all the quirks about your girlfriend, don’t you? We all love our girlfriend, but you know what they say, girls are really hard to understand, at least for us guys that is.

Before you entered into a relationship, you’ll have thought that love is expressed through kisses, hugs and all sorts of sweet loving gestures, but that isn’t exactly true, right? Here are 10 different ways girlfriends express their love that you probably didn’t know.

 Guys who are in a relationship, how many has your girlfriend done to you?

Scolding you all the time
Hey, you might have thought she is really unhappy with you but not really. She just cares about you and can’t help scolding you whenever you make her worried.

Making you do things you don’t like
It could be shopping, or maybe watching girly movies, but hey, she just wants to share her interest with you. We don’t see you complaining when she joins you for gaming sessions with your friends, right?

Farting and burping in front of you
It might sound gross, but hey, she’s just comfortable enough with you to show you her true self. If she starts burping and farting in front of you, it’s time to get married already.

Buying things for you without saying anything
It’s not because she has too much money lying around, she just can’t bear seeing you go around with worn and tattered stuff. Hey, if she’ll rather hold off buying stuff for herself and getting things for you instead, that’s love, man.

Always say good things about you
She might have fought with you in the past hour, and she cried and said mean things to you. But look at how she interacts with your family and friends, she’ll say good stuff about you even though she’s still in a cold war with you.

Always wanting to meet you
She doesn’t care about whether you’re tired or not from work, and always wants to meet you even though you’re busy at work. You’ll have thought she’s self-centered, but she isn’t, really. She just wants to spend time with you.

Always throwing a tantrum
If she’s so unhappy with you, you’d have thought she wants a breakup. But not really, it’s just that she loves you and vice versa, so she’ll have higher expectations when it comes to you.

Gets jealous easily and look through your stuff
If your girlfriend gets jealous easily and always wants to inspect your phone, don’t take it the wrong way and think she doesn’t trust you. In fact, be proud because she thinks that you’re a good catch and other girls want a piece of you. Don’t think of her as possessive, instead, be happy that she thinks so highly of you.

Making you wait for ages below her house
We, guys, might always jokingly (sometimes) complain that our girlfriend make us wait below their houses for hours, waiting for them to get ready, but really, they just want to look good for you. They’re attached, there’s no point looking good for other guys out there. It’s all for you, man.

Marrying you
Because hey, why else would they willingly subject themselves to a life of doing housework, cooking, getting fat after childbirth, etc. if not to make you happy?

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