10 ‘Don’ts’ When You’re in Taiwan or You Might Get into Trouble


Last Updated on 2022-10-28 , 2:36 pm

We all know that Taiwan is one of the most popular destinations for Singaporeans and Malaysians: the culture is cool, we know about the country through various variety shows and we’ll have no trouble conversing with the natives.

However, despite being slightly culturally similar, do you know that you shouldn’t do these ten things in Taiwan?

Don’t try to imitate their accent and dialect
If you’ve realized, the Mandarin used in Taiwan is quite different from ours—it’s a little bit more “cutesy”, compared to ours that’s more “rojak”. Don’t try to fake an accent, because you’ll be exposed almost immediately.

Don’t leave the toilet door open
While it’s common sense, some of us might just, for convenience’s sake, leave our door open. Don’t. Just don’t, because it might deem to be offensive to the natives.

Don’t talk about politics or the Government
Unless you’ve been living in a cave, you’ll know about the issues facing Taiwan now. Keep all comments, feedback and suggestions to yourself—you’re a tourist, so act like one instead of being a diplomat.

Don’t dress up like a model but leave your hair uncombed
Taiwanese usually dress well, and if you’ve just bought like thousands of new dresses, don’t just wear them and leave your hotel. If you notice, people there don’t just dress well—they put in effort on their hair too. So make it a combo: dress well + style your hair well.


Don’t “anyhow anyhow” honk if you’re driving
This isn’t Bangkok, nor Singapore. You don’t honk as a signal—you honk when it’s really necessary.

Don’t litter and throw your cigarette butts anywhere
Think Singapore. Get it? Well, think Taiwan. Same same, but different.

Don’t talk too loudly
You might be mistaken to be someone not from Singapore or Malaysia. Keep your voice down, and be nice. You don’t need to shout to order a plate of rice.

Don’t eat like there’s no tomorrow
Okay, we completely understand that the food in Taiwan is heavenly, but if you eat like there’s no tomorrow, talking and eating loudly at the same time, you’re going to be mistaken for someone from another country, So tone down and relax—eat slowly, because your food won’t run away.


Don’t try to sing like Taiwanese in KTVs
Their style is usually higher, “cuter” and more “emo”. If you’re a Singaporean, you’ll sing word by word. Do it. Imitating others and failing at that is kind of insulting, don’t you think?

Don’t be late
Taiwan, being one of the Four Asian Tigers, is up there because of the people’s productivity, and time management is key to high productivity. Being late for anything is rude—there’s no rush to wait and wait to rush there, so be on time!

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