10 effective ways to know whether a guy is committed to a relationship


Last Updated on 2016-05-20 , 1:46 pm

These days, it might be difficult to know if your other half is committed to you unless you stick a traditional “boyfriend” label on him. Other than sharing his iPhone passwords or giving you access to his social media accounts, there are also other ways which you can find out if the guy is committed to a serious relationship with you.

He introduces you to his friends
When a guy is in a serious and committed relationship with you, he would want to introduce you to his friends to show them how amazing you are as a person, and for them to adore you as much as he does.

You spend significant time together
One of the most obvious signs of commitment is when the both of you are willing to spend a given amount of time together. If he is willing to ditch his video games and occasionally his friends for you, this is a guy that you should hold on to.

He is open with his phone
Yes, this does play a part as well. When a guy is okay with you reading his messages or fumbling around with his phone, it also means that he has nothing to hide from you. And no, please don’t take advantage of this opportunity to go through all his messages. That’s rude.

You plan for the future
“Hey, we should visit xxx next week” or “We should go on a vacation together sometime” are major tell-tale signs.

They ask for your opinion
I mean, why would they ask for your opinion if they do not care about what you think, right? When you are in a committed relationship with someone, whatever what affects you would affect them as well, vice versa.


Send good morning / good night texts
You are the first person he thinks about what he wakes up, and the last person he remembers when he goes to bed. Go figure.

He don’t shun social media shout-outs
Whenever you two are out together and having a great time, he documents the moment by uploading a cute picture you guys took onto Instagram and Facebook and tags you openly.

You know each other’s plans every day
He wants to keep you updated on whatever he’s doing and he’s concerned with what you are up to as well. If time prevails, he might even slot in a lunch or dinner date!

He goes out of the way for you
No matter how it might inconvenient him, all that matters to him is that it conveniences you. Last minute errands? No problem! He wants to help you alleviate your workload or stress is every way possible so that you will be happy.

Meeting the parents
Nuff’ said. When a guy likes you enough to let you meet his family members, you know that he is definitely serious about you.

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