10 Facts About 2017 NDP Funpacks Because #SaltedEggYolk


For as long as anyone can remember, one of the biggest highlights of attending National Day Parades would be the popular Funpack filled with a large assortment of interesting items, ranging from food to flags to temporary tattoos.

As Singaporeans, we are extremely concerned with free stuff, which is why it’s no surprise that we scrutinize the Funpack every single year as to whether it’s worth it #justsaying

To tide you over probably not being able to get one this year, here are 10 facts about the coveted pack!

It is the lightest bag in history
While past bags on average were around a hefty 2kg, this year’s bag is said to be perhaps the lightest one over the years, weighing in at only around 1.5kg.

The bag has lesser items than usual
This year’s bag has 20 items. While it might be slightly more than the 18 items that 2015 and 2016 packs had, it’s significantly less than the contents of the earlier packs, which had around 25-30 items. Could it be a trend for the number of items to decrease? Who knows.

Many items are multi-purpose
Maybe the drop in number of items isn’t really that bad after all. After all, less is more. Many items in the pack are said to be multi-purpose in order to be more convenient and to save time and space during the parade. For instance, there’s a paper banner that not only multi-tasks as a fan, but also a clapper!

Decision to include less items was intentional
Turns out, this consideration of having fewer items in the bag was done on purpose! As explained by deputy chairman of the NDP logistics and finance committee, Ang Kian Hoe, they wanted attendees to be able to take photos and participate in the event at the same time without having to be overwhelmed by the number of things they had to hold.


60 design proposals were submitted before the current one was chosen
Before finally deciding on this year’s Funpack design, students from Lasalle College Of The Arts submitted over 60 design proposals in a bid to be the ones to have the honor of such a big project.

The bag took 1 whole month to design
While the design of the bag might look simplistic, the process of designing the bag actually took a month. The designers took into consideration not only the look, but also the practicality, wanting to create something that could be comfortably used even after the celebrations.

The bag has an adjustable capacity
Perhaps the coolest and most useful function of the Funpack would be that it has an adjustable capacity, which can be controlled by rolling the top of the pack! When unrolled, the bag can hold more things but when in a smaller area where it’s squeezy, the top can be rolled down to become more compact overall. A fairly useful feature, if you come to think of it.

Image: straitstimes.com

Included food this year mixes traditional and modern
An exciting part of the Funpack has always been the food, and this year, apart from the traditional staples from local Khong Guan biscuit manufacturer, they are including new and trendier food. Yes, as a nod to modern obsessions and crazes, there will be salted egg yolk chips included. I wonder how they’ll taste like a month from now!


There are NS50 commemorative merchandise
As this year marks the 50th year of National Service, we’re sure that the committee would not have given up the chance to show their pride for this event. Sure enough, the Funpacks this year contain a commemorative NS50 keychain, definitely a memorable keepsake.

150,000 of them will be distributed
For those of you who want to get your hands on these packs, only 150,000 of them will be packed and distributed at allocated points, to be collected before entering the Marina Bay Floating Platform on the celebrations day.

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