10 Facts About Amazon Prime Now in S’pore That You Probably Are Dying to Know

Amazon has set its foot in Singapore, and the whole nation is going crazy.

If you’re absolutely drooling over the fact that the big company is now here, here are 10 things you really need to know about the entry!

About Prime Now

Image: CNN Money

There’s a Prime Now App which you HAVE TO get, because it lets you buy anything from beer to phones and you get it delivered to your house within two hours!

Now, don’t get confused over Amazon and Amazon Prime Now: Amazon is, well, merely a platform that works like an online store (with crazily good customer service and low prices), while Amazon Prime Now is for busy Singaporeans who want their items to be delivered to them within one or two hours upon ordering.

Just so you know, the delivery slots are from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., so if you’re staying late for a football match, you’ll still have to head down to the nearest 7-Eleven for your snacks.

The First of Its Kind in SEA

Yep, Prime Now is Amazon’s brand new horizon in South East Asia, and they pick us for the launch! YAY.

Delivery Windows Have Been Sold Out!

There’s been such a positive response to its launch that its delivery windows are sold out. Amazon is trying its best to add more delivery windows to ensure that it continues to delight its Singaporean customers.

You’d better la, otherwise we will go back to Alibaba and Lazada.

Pick Your Delivery Option (When It’s Available Again!)

Image: Mashable

For orders below S$40, the delivery fee is S$5.99. If you order above S$40, it is delivered free in a two-hour delivery timeframe. Want your goods even faster? Pay S$9.99 to get it to your doorstep then la, which you’ll receive them within one hour.

The delivery costs are part of a free trial that is for a short time, and serves as a sampler to the Prime membership program which is expected to be launched later (really, we dunno when, but we are gonna wait and we are gonna pounce!).

And here’s when it gets a tad more confusing: Amazon Prime is a membership thingy, which you’ll have to pay a monthly fee for benefits such as free movies, songs and delivery.

Other Countries with Prime Now

At the moment, Prime Now is available in a total of nine countries. This includes Japan, Spain, UK, and Italy. Aren’t you glad that Singapore is one of them?

Stock Has Run Low or Sold Out

There have been message prompts on Prime Now’s app on Jul 28, as some items on its list had finished or had very limited numbers left. Wow. We Singaporeans really know how to shop ah.

When Was Prime Now Launched For the First Time?

Well, it all started back in 2014 in New York City, USA. It’s relatively new, but the number of subscribers (for Amazon Prime) has grown like crazy.

Why Are We the Chosen One?

Singapore was picked as the first market in SEA because a lot of our customers here are already shopping overseas. We are also more westernized and affluent.

Image: Hardwarezone.com.sg

Oh, stop it, you.

The Expected Showdown Between Alibaba and Amazon

This new platform by Amazon is expected to challenge Lazada, the other famous e-commerce company which was recently bought over by none other than Alibaba. There are apparently 23 million active buyers on Lazada, with people purchasing from its website in Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand, among others.

Oh, and Alibaba also owns RedMart.

Possible Job Opportunities for Us, Too!

According to Amazon Prime Now’s director for Asia Pacific, Henry Low, the company has it in its pipeline to hire a couple hundreds of individuals in Singapore as its expands its services within the country.

Now if that isn’t good news, I don’t know what is anymore!

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