10 Facts About Joanna Dong, The Next Nathan Hartono or Milo Peng Ambassador


If you keep up with the latest gossip and headlines in Singaporean news, you’ve probably heard of the second-ever Singaporean contestant to pass the audition for popular reality talent show Sing! China, Joanna Dong.

Our small country’s affinity with the show peaked late last year in October, when our very own Nathan Hartono sailed through the competition to eventually finish in second place, effectively making him the pride and joy of our nation.

This year, 35-year-old Joanna Dong, a local singer, actress, and television host, is following in his footsteps, and is already being one step closer to achieving the dream by recently passing the blind auditions.

Although she has been in the spotlight a few times over the past few years, many Singaporeans still might not have heard much about her.

As such, here are 10 facts about her so that you’ll get to know whom you’re rooting for!

She has her own EP out

Image: joannadong.com

In case you thought she only does singing for leisure and as a hobby, you’re wrong! Not only does she have her own Extended Play (EP), Lullaby Nomad, which was released in 2008, she even launched it with her own concert at the Esplanade Recital Studio! She is certainly no stranger to music and singing!


She can act as well

While in Victoria Junior College (VJC), she took theatre studies. Later on, she took up various acting roles, most particularly in live performances. In 2010, she played the lead actress in the musical Liao Zhai Rocks! and in 2011, was also a member of the cast of the stage production of Royston Tan’s 881. Looks like her singing and acting abilities are definitely able to go hand in hand!

She participated in Singapore Idol 2004

Turns out that Sing!China is not her first experience with reality talent shows. She participated in the 2004 edition of Singapore Idol (which Taufik Batisah won), but was unfortunately only able to make it into the Top 40. Hopefully, this time will be her shot to fame!

She met her husband on the set of a play

Image: joannadong.com

On the set of Chinese play Descendants of the Eunuch Admiral in 2010, she met theatre practitioner Zachary Ho. Two years later, she would go on to marry him!

She can dance

We’ve established that she can act and sing, but when she was in university, she actually started learning the Lindy Hop, a dance done to swing music, which is a form of jazz. This makes her not only a jazz singer, but also a jazz dancer too!


She’s a fan of Nathan Hartono

Yes, she’s watched his performance on last year’s Sing!China and is actually a fan of his. However, she has never once thought of being able to outperform or outshine him in her shot at success this time round.

She’s insecure about her singing

She has mentioned that she isn’t terribly confident of her vocals and that she doesn’t think that they are something that’s super impressive. This was something she expressed too after her elimination from Singapore Idol in 2004, which made her think that perhaps she wasn’t good enough.

She has an impressive educational background

Not only does she boast an impressive range of performing abilities, she has an admirable set of educational qualifications under her belt. She attended Raffles Girls School, followed by Victoria Junior College, and then received a degree in Sociology from NUS.

She loves to swear

Despite her sweet exterior and manners, she confesses that she is somewhat of a ‘potty-mouth’ and that she does not hesitate to use a range of English and Hokkien swear words, or be the first to make a dirty joke out of situations. She attributes this to having not used any vulgarities before she turned 20, thus allowing the behavior to be repressed over the years.

She is a television host

Image: Toggle

Although she has a fair bit on her plate, being an actress and singer, she has expanded her skills to include being a television host on Channel U infotainment series ‘Homeward Bound’ and ‘Life Extraordinaire’, which are available on Toggle.

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