10 Facts About Tanglin, The Channel 5 Drama That Never Seems to…End?


Somewhere around late 2015 and early 2016, you might have heard about the craze over the new Channel 5 Drama, Tanglin.

With a name so Singaporean, it’s understandable that it would generate a fair amount of hype amongst those looking for a new juicy drama to follow.

However, now halfway into 2017, it seems that the show has largely been forgotten. Yes, it’s been two whole years and it’s still running, almost like Days of Our Lives, Singapore style.

What exactly is up with it?

It was introduced as a 199-episode drama
When promotions for the drama started, it was said to be a 199-episode show. Now, two years after its 30 June 2015 debut date, it has 525 episodes. That…is actually fairly impressive.

It has prominent cast members
The cast list is impressive not because of veteran names, but rather because of the large number of new faces that have become popular from ventures outside of acting. Examples include Miss Universe Singapore 2015 winner Lisa Marie White, TNP New Face 2013 2nd place contestant Jade Rasif, as well as Singapore Idol 2004 winner Taufik Batisah.

It has a full, informative website
Nope, the show doesn’t just stop at being a programme on TV. The show’s page on Toggle is rich with helpful information like character biographies and relationship charts to help readers keep track of all the drama going on without becoming too confused.

Image: Toggle

It has spin-offs
Seems pretty funny that a 525-episode drama should have spin-offs, but it actually does, in the form of bite-sized webisodes available on the Toggle page at 4-5 minutes per episode.

Promotional efforts were impressive
At the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards, which is centered around media marketing, the show won a Bronze award for ‘Art Direction & Design: Press Kit’. A press kit is basically a media kit full of promotional material to be distributed, and to win an award for it means that the effort put into advertising was definitely recognized!

The set was pretty expensive
The two-storey set that is about 10,000 square feet was said to have been custom built for more than $1 million, a figure only modestly revealed to be ‘seven figures’. That seems like a huge budget for a local drama!

Image: todayonline.com

Familiar faces can’t be missed
Apart from the fresh-faced cast, you’ll be glad to know that Tanglin still boasts popular local actors and actresses such as Tay Ping Hui, Richard Low, Constance Song, and Suhaimi Yusof. It’s interesting to see how such veteran cast members interact and work with less experienced ones!


It has extras which are pretty cool
Apart from the actual drama and the webisodes, one of the characters runs a blog which you can actually access from the Toggle page! The posts on it are true to character and plot and add a unique, interactive element to the show. That’s like breaking the fourth wall!

 One of the show’s producers is famous for another reason…
Remember the viral Singapore meme video last year, ‘Unbelievable’? I so stunned like vegetable? Yup, the man behind it is also one of the producer-directors of Tanglin. Here’s to hoping we get some more funny content on the show!

Its ratings aren’t exactly stellar
That’s right. As painful as this is to say, the response to the show has dwindled over the years and isn’t super hot. A media correspondent from The Straits Times gave it a meagre 2.5/5 stars, citing a general inability to keep viewers hooked in the long run on its drama.

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