10 fake-like-siao lies ICT commanders like to tell


There’s a big difference between an ICT commander and one who is active. Firstly, most if not all ICT commanders are NSmen, so they have a regular job, instead of active commanders who are usually regulars or NSF.

Secondly, ICT commanders aren’t so “garang” because the consequences of them not achieving their objectives aren’t that severe, whereas one in active would have serious consequences.

So, it’s common that ICT commanders do say lies that are so fake, you’ll wonder whether he has taken the effort to at least create a better story. Here’re some of the “fake-like siao” lies ICT commanders have said before!

“This one, cannot defer lah.”
Unless he’s the OC or the S1 or the CO, he won’t know whether deferment is successful or not. Most of the times, he just want you in the platoon so that he won’t need to re-plan what he has planned initially.

“You take so many MCs, wait this ICT not cleared.”
The Internet has more or less told us how many MCs we can take in order to have that ICT cleared. So, sir, don’t like this lah. Digital age liao leh.

“All trainings are important trainings!”
So, maybe a man wants to find a period when the training isn’t a key training to find an excuse to get off. That’s what the commander always says.

“If we don’t pass this ATEC hor, this ICT for everyone considered not clocked leh.”
This is the best-est lah. To motivate everyone to perform for ATEC, it’s like commanders all over SAF have telepathically created this funny story.

“You don’t like this lah, CO coming leh.”
So, a man sits down and does nothing when he’s supposed to be defending an area. A commander sees this and says this, even if the CO is kilometres away.


“Like that will kana DB one leh.”
Since reservists can’t sign extras, the best way to scare the soldiers is DB. But come on lah—sir, put Coke into our water bottle also kana DB, like that every reservist in DB liao loh.

“MP may come during this ICT to raid leh.”
For those who’re not aware, MP = military police, who randomly go to each camp to raid. To make sure that the soldiers don’t bring in any “illegal” things, every ICT, the commanders will say the same thing.

“I know what to do, but later, if you’re contacted, just do what the other sections are doing.”
It’s painfully obvious that you’re sleeping when you’re in the briefing, sir.

“You can only out-pro if you consume all your meals leh.”
Year after year, soldiers didn’t go for the meals in the cookhouse and still out-pro. This lie is getting old.

“CO says one.”
Wait, even not being able to drink Coke from water bottle also CO says one?

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