10 fascinating facts about Bryan Wong (王禄江) that will convert you into his fan

Bryan Wong is a household name in Singapore, and he’s well-known for being a host, actor and all-around funny guy, not to mention he’s an ‘aunty killer’, able to click well with them. Are you a fan of his? If you’re not, here are 10 fascinating facts about this candid and humorous actor/host that might just convert you into one.

Child actor

You might not have known him, or even noticed him, Bryan Wong he started his acting career as a child, featured in several popular children’s programmes on Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (SBC).

Teenage model

Most child actors disappear from the screen once they grew up, but he is one of the few who remained in showbiz. In his teenage years, he was performing modelling assignments and commercials.

Interior Designer

If you’re a fan of the Channel 8 show 摆家乐, you’d be impressed by his ability in interior design. I used to wonder if he went to research on the subject for the programme, but it turned out that before he signed up as a full-time artiste with TCS, he was an interior designer for a short while. He got interested in D.I.Y interior design and carpentry when he was in school.

He’s well-known in mainland China

Many artistes in Singapore wants to break into the Hong Kong and China industry, but Bryan Wong is already a known face in mainland China after starring in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan productions when he was with SPH MediaWorks such as 仙劍奇俠傳 and 倩女幽魂.

City Beat was the show that boosted his popularity

He might have been in the industry since he was a child, but Bryan Wong only became known to Singaporean audiences after City Beat, where he hosted with Kym Ng and Sharon Au.

He’s a romantic at heart, but not the hopeless ones

Bryan Wong once said he would give up almost everything for love, even his career. What? But he adds that it’s practically impossible because everyone needs money to survive and would rather work towards putting aside enough time for love.

He had wanted to resign several times but couldn’t as he needs the income to support his family. We’re glad he didn’t, because if he did, we’d not have known such a charismatic and hilarious host and actor, would we?

He is afraid of heights

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Bryan Wong once said in an interview that when he saw a show on construction and see a man high up in the air on a gondola, he’ll find his palms sweaty and shaking in fear. But that doesn’t stop him from hanging from a car park 5 floors up during the filming of his show.

He is very professional

In his recent drama, he has to portray himself as a “Ah Beng”, a character which is the direct opposite of him in real life. Even when speaking about the character, he still show signs of disgust. But does that mean he rejected the role? No. Bryan Wong worked to get into character (successfully, we might add) and even hit the gym daily and gained almost 15kg in weight for the show. Now, is that dedication or what?

Image: channelnewsasia.com

He volunteers

Bryan Wong doesn’t mind helping out in social causes, and when we say helping out, it’s not just about giving money. During the Tsunami disaster, he volunteered himself to be part of a 15-man medical team to Sri Lanka where he tended to the injured.

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He’s extremely candid

He’s honest about his fear of height and even told the director to be prepared for him to call in sick on the day of the shoot. He has no problem admitting his vanity to the public when questioned about his role in the latest drama. He even proclaimed that he’s doing daily grooming “down there” so when he run along Shenton Way shirtless, there won’t be any “residual bush”. Now that you know about these 10 facts of Bryan Wong, are you a fan yet?

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