10 fascinating facts about IMM that’ll make you go there now, even if you live in Tampines


Unless you live in the west, or you used to live there, you won’t know much about IMM, the mall that is so-far-yet-so-near from Jurong East MRT Station. Located deeper inside Jurong East, you would need to walk about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the mall from the MRT station.

So let’s be honest: with Jurong East MRT Station having four shopping centres that are just next to the station, why would anyone go to IMM? Well, because of these 10 points.

It’s a furniture mall
If you can only think of Courts for your furniture, then you really need to take a trip to IMM. From the third storey and above, you’ll find shops that stock all kinds of furniture, from the luxury ones to the retro ones. If you have a new house, this is one heck of a place that you shouldn’t miss.

It has Daiso
Okay, maybe it doesn’t come as a surprise, but if you compare this Daiso with other Daiso in Singapore, this is one heck of a big Daiso. And you should know everything is at $2, so that means…more things at $2. You mean that’s not enticing enough?

Transport there is actually VERY convenient
It’s common to think that any place that is far from an MRT station is considered an ulu area. But here’s the thing: there’s a shuttle bus every 10 to 15 minutes at JCube and Westgate that brings you to IMM. And it’s free. In fact, going there might be faster than getting to Big Box, the other mall close to Jurong East MRT Station. Yah!

Free parking…
…for the first two hours, regardless of what time it is. We don’t know how long this will last since there’s now a hospital next to it (people tend to park at IMM for visitation in the hospital), but while it’s free, why not just take full advantage of it?

Its outlet stores are “atas”
There’re currently three outlet malls in Singapore, namely Changi City Point, Anchorpoint and IMM. IMM is one that has outlet shops for the more atas brands like Coach, pretty much like Johor Premium Outlet. In other words, it’s one of a kind!

It’s Singapore’s largest outlet mall
Giving credit when it’s due, not only IMM has the more atas outlet shops, but it’s also the biggest, with more than 80 outlet shops. I don’t know about you, but if I want to get a new pair of shoes, it’s either IMM, IMM or IMM. You’ll get all kinds of off-season sports shoes at a ridiculous price!


It’s a food heaven
If you’ve not makaned in IMM before, you’re missing out on a lot of things. There’s an area in level one that looks almost like an air-conditioned night market—honestly speaking, its only closest competitor in terms of food is Jurong Point, which is three MRT stations away.

It has a large-ass car park
Car owners would worry about the availability of lots in IMM—well, admittedly that it’s pretty packed during peak hours, the car park is so damn big that it’s like a car park for a Malaysia shopping mall that is sheltered. Once the free parking is over (which we project will be, soon), you can expect a very smooth and empty car park: every car owner’s wet dream!

You can go to Kuala Lumpur from IMM
Have your passport with you? Bored of Singapore? Why not just head down to Causeway Link Express and book a bus to KL? As someone who has taken the Causeway Link Express before, I can vouch that it’s a relatively comfortable ride. As for KL, everything is almost similar to Singapore…except 3:1!

It’s one of the oldest shopping centres in Singapore
It was opened in 1991—bet some of you weren’t even born then! In 2012, it underwent a major revamp to become what it is today now. Some of us who live in the west would remember the transformation, and how much our dear little neighbourhood mall has grown!

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