10 fascinating facts about Monday Couple that you probably didn’t know of

If you don’t know who the Monday Couple is, you’ve really missed out on a great show. It’s not another Korea drama that every teenager and auntie are watching, but a make-believe couple in a variety show, Running Man, that has somehow captured the hearts of many.

It is said that when a celebrity got attached or married, he or she would lose many fans—but they’re so adored by fans that they want them to be together.

If you don’t know who they are, just start watching the 200++ episodes from the first episode onwards. Then come back here. It’ll be fast because you won’t stop after the first episode.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the ten interesting facts about Monday couple!

They’ve a Facebook Page with 372,175 Likes
Yeah, that’s even more than The New Paper Facebook Page. Check it out here.

Ji Hyo thinks Gary is cute and attractive
While I can’t find the interview clip anymore, I remember vividly that Ji Hyo finds Gary very, very attractive. Her “dislike” for Gary in the show is a mere act—maybe she does like him after all?

Haha was the person who coined the term “Monday Couple”
Five years ago (if you all still remember!), when Running Man was pretty new, most of the male members were teased with trying to attract Ji Hyo.

Well, eventually, it all went down to Haha, Gary and Ji Hyo, and Haha “broke off” from the love triangle. Ji Hyo then admitted that on Monday, she has a man (Gary), and Haha went “Monday couple!”

Gary saved Ji Hyo’s number as Mung Ji on his phone
“Mung” basically means something like “blur”, and “Ji” refers to Ji Hyo. Mung Ji therefore means Blur Ji Hyo. So cute lah you Gary.

When it was announced that Ji Hyo was dating with the CEO of her entertainment company, fans got very angry with Ji Hyo
How bad did it get? To the extent of Gary having to tweet this: “Did we put in too much into our act?” And just for your info, Ji Hyo has broken up with the CEO.

There are websites dedicated to arguing about Gary’s and Ji Hyo’s true feelings for each other
Every single expression is analysed to argue whether Gary likes Ji Hyo, or whether Ji Hyo likes Gary. Relax lah, boys and girls, have they put in too much in their act?

Gary said that Monday Couple would go on even if he got married
As in, if he got married to another girl. Wait, what?

Some fans would rather want Gary and Ji Hyo to be out of Running Man so that they can date normally
Say what? Their argument is that being in Running Man might be awkward for them to get together, so they’ll have higher changes of being together if they’re not working together. They really care a lot for them, I must admit!

Kim Jong Kook supports this couple
In an interview, Kim Jong Kook said this: “Gary and Song Ji Hyo need to go out at some point soon. If they do, it will be good for Running Man.” Well, not sure if he meant on screen or off screen, though.

An off-screen image of the Monday couple hugging tightly has caused quite a stir everywhere
It occurs in an after-party for the cast and production crew of Running Man…and take a look.

Image: dramafever.com
Image: dramafever.com

Oh, you lucky Gary.

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