10 fond memories about secondary school concert bands only members will remember

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Being in a school band back then was so ‘satki.’ We’ll always be so proud of ourselves whenever people ask about the CCA we joined during school days. We get to have trainings in air-con room, superb opportunities and we get to play an instrument or sometimes, several instruments! Are you from the school band? If you are, here are 10 fond memories you definitely remember!

Band exchange
One of the best memory would be the band exchange. Some band exchanges are held locally and it totally feels like going on an interesting field trip; visiting other schools and checking out if there are hunks or babe from that school! Some bands also have overseas exchanges. SAY WHAT?

Chio uniform
Most school bands have smart and nice uniforms, though some better looking than others. But you and your members will definitely laugh at other CCA groups’ uniforms and gossip about how much they suck.

All the trophies and medals collected from band activities! You’ve never gotten that much of awards before from doing other stuff.

SYF Rewards
The word SYF doesn’t sound very appealing because every band member knows how much scolding and tough school camps they have to endure. However, for all the effort and hard work they go through, the reward is, sometimes, pretty much worth it! It can be a simple meal ‘treat’ from the instructor or band leaders, or as extravagant as an overseas trip for all members! Depends on how you perform at the competition lah!

Team spirit
Team spirit! One of the most important values in a band and also what satisfies a band member most. The shiok feeling of your band playing or completing a song cannot be explained in words.

Looking down on other CCA groups
It may sound mean but yea, you all did it. This only applies when your band is better than other CCA groups, especially the musical ones. In most schools, the dissing usually happened between the band and choir.

Free meals during band activities
Most bands have really good meals during band activities such as competitions, trainings or band camps. Even if the food is not good, well heck, it’s FREE. If it’s really bad, the guys can consider it training for NS.

Principal expresses favor if band is good
You know how realistic your school principal can get, starting with him or her promoting your CCA to everyone if your band is doing good. Yes especially during orientation. Not to mention #9.

Skipping lessons
The best excuse ever for skipping lessons, the hateful remedial or even detention! Just quote ‘SYF training’ and you get a discount for lessons! Of course, if your school band isn’t good or important, this probably won’t apply to you.

Chill and lepak
Remember when you have band practices and the instructor is always pausing to scold certain sections when they screw up? You and your section mates get to chill and lepak under the air-con, sit back and enjoy the show.

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