10 Funniest & Best Running Man Episodes That Are So Good, You Should Watch Them Twice

Running Man has been a long time favourite for people around the world. Unfortunately, not all episodes are created equal. Here is a list of 10 best Running Man episodes that are so good, you just have to watch twice.

Don’t worry, we’ll keep the spoilers to a minimum.

Episode 93
We all know that the Tiger is ferocious. But just how destructive can he get? In this episode, we see a betrayed Kim Jong Kook hunt down the rest of the cast, in a one-versus-all style. The same reason we love John Wick and The Incredible Hulk.

Episode 130
It doesn’t matter whether you believe in reincarnation or not, for once, just pretend it’s real. In this episode, we see the cast being reincarnated as each other and after a very confusing turn of events must identify the identity of one another. An interesting episode you’ll have to work your brain for!

Episode 153-154
Park Ji Sung, enough said. We’ve all seen his speed on the field during his Man U days. Running Man gives us an opportunity to look into the non-football side of this Korean legend. Delightfully, he turns out to be one of the wittiest and humorous people you’ll see.

Episode 79
An episode filled with suspense and a huge twist at the end. Watch it the second time to find the hints and clues displayed throughout the episode. Another stroke of genius from the crew of Running man.

Episode 56
What will you do when the prettiest ladies turn into manly women? Watch the hilarious reactions from the male casts when they find out about that their lovely princesses have been replaced by ajummas. Suddenly they all think Ji Hyo is pretty!

Episode 140
Can you imagine the world without laughter? In a world infected by Anger Virus, the world’s happiness lies on Running Man’s shoulders. This episode brings back all time favourite Yoomes Bond in a mixture of Mission Impossible style action. Enough to keep you at the edge of your seat even for the second time!

Episode 74
If you think X-men is awesome, you’ll love this episode. Each of the members is given special powers and they are left trying to guess the powers of each other in a gigantic free for all battle.

Episode 277
Another episode involving viruses, but this time, it is the classic zombies. The Running Man will need everything they’ve got to survive the zombie apocalypse.

Episode 63
This episode proves to be comforting to the eyes as the beautiful ladies from SNSD are invited as guests. Furthermore, far from being just an eye candy(like too many other female guests in the show), SNSD proves that they have what it takes to make a comedy.

Episode 8
This is much more than just another episode. Many flashbacks were included in this episode regarding the past of the casts and the hardships they went through to get where they were.

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