10 Boyfriends Rules Ladies Should Set When They Enter A New Relationship

Entering a relationship can be something new for many of us. Even if we have been in a relationship before, and we are about to embark on a new relationship, these boyfriend rules are what ladies should set for their boyfriends if they look forward to a smoother start of the relationship. It also ensures that even after your honeymoon phase is over, the dynamics of the relationship don’t change that much.

Make Me Feel That You Miss Me

A girl likes to feel that she is wanted by her S.O. Tell your boyfriend that he should make you feel like he misses you – even through the simplest way like saying “I miss you” or “I know I just sent you home but I miss you already” – it can continue going for the next few months or even years.

Talk Things Out

Guys used to be more direct and open but now they tend to be more emotional and sometimes, they just keep their unhappiness inside until it erupts one day. Set a rule that he must talk things out with you if he’s unhappy with things. Communication is key.

Always Set Aside Time For Me

Because what is a relationship for if you don’t spend more time together? If you don’t spend more time together during the initial stages of the relationship, you probably won’t get past the honeymoon phase. Even if you do, you’ll hardly spend time with each other because things are different.

Make Me Feel Like I Am A Priority

Tell him that you need to be seen as important in his life – other than his family, friends, and video games. If you don’t set it as a ground rule, and he doesn’t see you as a priority, perhaps only seeing you when he has nothing to do – then you will suffer in the relationship.

Always Reply To My Messages

Don’t “K” me – that’s worse than not replying. But seriously, what is a phone for if you aren’t going to reply to my messages?

Unless You Are Busy, Then Inform Me

Make it a point to tell him to inform you that he is busy before he disappears. Otherwise, you will end up getting funny ideas and quarreling because you think he isn’t interested in the conversation.

You Plan Part Of Our Outings

Tell your guy that he needs to take the initiative too – the relationship is about the both of you. Don’t just leave it to you to plan the dates!

We Must Share Chores

Especially important if you’re planning to get married in the future. Build the habit of sharing the household chores and he’ll be well-trained by the time you guys have your own home.

Let Others Know We Are Together

Some girls feel hurt that their boyfriends don’t tell anyone else that they are a couple. They feel strange – they start to think that their S.O is not serious about the relationship and might even be ashamed to announce that they are together.

Take Things Slow

Future plans, physical contact… Whatever, you name it. In a new relationship, don’t rush things. Take the time to get to know each other better first, just like friends, before proceeding to go on to the next level.

Be Serious About Me

Most important ground rule. Be sure that your boyfriend is serious about you and that he knows he is serious about you. Make it clear what you want out of that relationship.

Truth be told, boyfriend rules are rules in a relationship you set based on your own preferences. It’s based on what you want, what you can give and what you expect. So hopefully with these boyfriend rules, you’ll be able to rock that relationship girl!

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