10 hilarious facts about VR Man that show why it’s the worst failure in TV history

We tried asking a writer in our office who was born in 1995 whether she knew who VR Man was. She didn’t, so we showed her a YouTube video of VR Man, as she could have known the show but not the name. She laughed out loud, but still didn’t know the show.

Either I’m too old, or she’s too young.

People born in the 1980s would remember VR Man—one of the biggest flops in local TV. Before VR Man was out, everyone anticipated it to be the first superhero of Singapore that might eventually be a franchise: imagine DC Comics buying the franchise of VR Man and having it screened in the big screen. James Lye would be proud.

But no—I remember watching it as a kid, expecting some kind of Superman element in it, but all I got was laughter, laughter and more laughter, when it was supposed to be serious.

Okay, now that you know what VR Man is all about, here’re some facts about VR Man!

The names of the characters are just too funny
If you think VR Man sounds funny, take a listen to this: the antagonist is called Click Click Man. Like serious, WTF!? Then there’s Bossman…when is Megaman coming?

VR Man gains power without explanation
Originally, VR Man has the ability to project virtual reality items and make them solid for a limited period of time (which explains his name). Suddenly, he could run as fast as Superman, become invisible and even shoot lasers. What were the writers thinking? Buffet arh?

VR Man is just too much like Superman
While James Lye does look a little like Superman, he doesn’t need to copy Superman, right? Apparently, he’ll get weak when exposed to some kind of flashing strobe light. Doesn’t that sound so familiar?

VR Man wasn’t marketed to kids
It was supposed to be for the general audience: you and me who like Superman and Batman. Guess that could be one of the worst decision then—after all, superheroes only start to get popular in early 2002 when Spiderman went on the big screen, and VR Man was four years too early.

VR Man is referred as a superhero so many times, it’s boring
Just like Spiderman, VR Man is being featured in the news and TV so often in the show that he has become popular among people. Then he was accused of being a bad guy. I don’t know about you, but it seems like the plot of every single superhero I’ve come to know so far.

Worst costume ever
Just take a look at that. Okay, not all superheroes have a cape, but this guy? He looks like someone in a club.

Image: reddit.com
Image: reddit.com

Worst “special effects” in the history of TV
Either do it right or don’t do it at all. But heck, they decided to be creative and they sure are creative. Just take a look and don’t laugh, because it’s a freaking serious scene.

The Noose agrees
Whatever The Nooses says, it’s true. Just take a look at this.


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Our 1995 colleague still won’t want to watch it
So, we ask her whether she would want to watch it if it’s free. She says she would rather watch Running Man than VR Man since the genre is the same. We then told her it’s not a comedy but a drama. Hard truths, boys and girls. Hard truths.

Despite all these, here’s the most shocking fact: its viewership is higher than any show in Channel 5 now
What if I tell you the viewership is higher than the currently highly popular The Noose? Yeah, while it’s due to the dwindling number of TV viewers nowadays, it’s still one heck of a record that is amazingly hilarious. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.


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