10 hotels in BKK that are less than $50 so that you can spend more on shopping!


Last Updated on 2017-04-25 , 9:52 am

Planning a getaway to the Land of Smiles anytime soon? Well, you can check out these hotels if you want to spend less on accommodation and more on your shopping! After all, what’s the point in going to Bangkok if not to bargain and bring back huge amount of loot, right?

Waterford Diamond Tower

Image: waterford.co.th

It’s got a nice pool and cozy rooms. For under $50, what are you waiting for? Price from Booking.com: $43 a night


Image: agoda.com
Image: agoda.com

With a vibrant design and close to attractions like the lively Pratunam Market and 13 km from the landmark Wat Pho temple. And if you’re too lazy to walk, there’s a metro station just 7 minutes walk away. Price from Booking.com: $47 a night

iCheck Inn Sukhumvit Soi 11

Image: hotelthailand.com

You’ll be surprised to know that this isn’t some luxurious accommodation. Doesn’t the room just look so posh to you? Price from Booking.com: $48 a night

Check Inn Regency Park

Image: bangkok.com

Doesn’t this place give you the feel of being in a fairy tale? Who says getting rooms below $50 means you have to compromise on quality? Price from Booking.com: $45 a night

Prom Ratchada Residence

Image: asiawebdirect.com

This one is recommended for couples, giving them a more exclusive and romantic stay during their vacation. Price from Booking.com: $48 a night


Chaydon Sathorn 

Image: chaydonsathorn.com
Image: chaydonsathorn.com

Also recommended for couples, this hotel is easily accessible and has many bars and malls around. Price from Booking.com: $34 a night

Waterford Resort@Sukhumvit 50

Image: agoda.com

I always look at the pools whenever I choose a hotel. This one should be in your list because the pool is reasonably huge. Price from Booking.com: $36 a night

Sakura Sky Residence

Image: tripadvisor.com.sg

Fancy a Japanese themed hotel? Choose this hotel then! It is cosy and comfy and totally worth your money! Price from Booking.com: $43 a night

Metz Pratunam

Image: ebookers.com
Image: ebookers.com

This one is also located conveniently near malls and clubs, a good place to stay at if you want to enjoy Bangkok’s exciting nightlife. Price from Booking.com: $48 a night


Unico Express@Sukhumvit

Image: unicoexpresshotel.com

And now we have one of the cheapest hotels on the list, but don’t be fooled by the price. While it’s not as atas as the other places on the list, it’s rated as one of the best girl-friendly hotel in Bangkok, so if you’re a female and travelling alone, or with other girls, this might be a good place to stay at. Price from Booking.com: $32 a night Time to plan your trip liao!

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